Several important elections are up for a vote this Saturday, March 24. Please take this opportunity to express your voice in local government and help shape the future of our communities. 

No matter the size and scope, every election has the ability to affect our mission to eradicate poverty in Southeast Louisiana. It is critical that we cast our vote for officials and measures focused on creating equitable communities where all...

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Two years ago, the March 2016 flooding event in Louisiana saw historic rainfall on an area with countless bayous, rivers, and streams. Thousands of homes were affected by the flooding leaving families with massive emotional and financial losses. Combined with the floods that followed shortly afterward in August, this one-two punch had a large part of our community reeling. Many of the families affected are part of the growing number of individuals and...

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The 18th Annual "Got Gumbo?" Cook-off took place Thursday, March 8th in the Grand Ballroom at the Royal Sonesta Hotel New Orleans. United Way of Southeast Louisiana invited the city’s most talented chefs...

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At United Way of Southeast Louisiana, we know some things about our culture. We’re passionate about making our world better. We’re kid friendly - and dog friendly! We work hard and we love to have a good time. People want to work here and those of us who get to are so proud of the work that we’re doing.

We know we’re doing a lot right and we’ve tried some different things to keep growing in the years that I’ve been here. Some have stuck (...

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On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, hundreds came out to support the kickoff of a year-long volunteer challenge to celebrate New Orleans' 300th year. The 2018 NOLA Foundation and its Community Engagement Committee - in partnership with United Way of Southeast Louisiana, HandsOn New Orleans, and NetWork Volunteers has embarked on an aggressive project to generate 300,000...

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Last Thursday night was a celebration to mark the 15 years that United Way of Southeast Louisiana has had an official women’s philanthropic group dedicated to improving the lives of women and children in our communities. We acknowledged the 50 founding members of the Women’s Leadership Initiative in 2002, which grew into Women’s Leadership Council, and is now Women United!

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