Over the course of the last 40 years, the women of the Junior League of Greater Covington has staked their ground on the Northshore at the forefront of volunteer organizing and training. Their lasting commitment to promoting volunteerism gives a clear direction and purpose to individuals seeking out meaningful fellowship and outreach opportunities.

More importantly, the leadership training and professional and...

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It’s an unfortunate fact. A child’s ability to read proficiently by the end of third grade predicts his or her future. Why is third grade so crucial? Third grade marks the transition when students move from learning to read to reading to learn. If a child cannot read by the end of third grade, he or she is less likely to catch up, less likely to graduate from high school, and less likely to earn family-sustaining wages as an adult.

In New...

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“If you want to see things happen at a global level, start at the village level. Give women the tools and education and they will drive the change.” - Melinda Gates.  

Women United, formerly known as WLC, here in Southeast Louisiana has been the driving force of change to improve the lives of women and children throughout our region. Over the past 15 years, Women United has invested...

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September is National Preparedness Month, an important reminder to get your household weather-ready for the most active days of hurricane season. Its ruthless peak stirs anxiety at home as we watch our neighbors to the west await Harvey’s final toll and our neighbors to the east encounter Irma’s fury.

In both instances, the timeline for recovery is...

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We recently all watched, helpless, as Harvey swept over the Texas coast and into Houston and western Louisiana, and those images flashing across our screens painted an all-too-familiar picture of destruction and despair.  Meanwhile, in our region, we braced ourselves for an unknown blow that might land at any time.  The City of New Orleans shut down, and people drew their loved ones near.  This city remembers.
Now we can all...
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In a region that has had our share of disasters, August 29th is a day that our community will never forget. Twelve years after the flooding that followed Hurricane Katrina, we’re still impacted by the emotions. 

Our neighbors in Texas are experiencing tremendous pain and uncertainty right at this moment. As first responders are still trying to prevent loss...

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