Through your investment in your workplace campaign, we’re able to intervene at critical transition points in people’s lives to make a difference when it matters most. Together, we’re transforming the...

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If not, you are fortunate.

But chances are you know someone who is living in poverty. Maybe someone in your neighborhood...perhaps a friend or even a family member.

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August 29, 2005 is indelibly etched in our minds as a day of heartaches and heroes. The world watched in horror as the southeast Louisiana landscape and our lives were forever changed by Hurricane Katrina. Just three weeks later, Hurricane Rita roared ashore causing additional damage. Generations from now the catastrophes of Katrina and Rita will still be defining points in our history. And, then, as now, United Way of Southeast...

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It’s an exciting time at United Way! In addition to recognizing the incredible work United Way and all nonprofit organizations have done to rebuild, revitalize and serve our community since Hurricane Katrina, celebrating the tremendous success of our public...

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There are literally thousands of volunteer activities nationwide in which you can participate through United Way. As a volunteer, you may need to brush up on your social skills to help you to communicate and work well with others. You might receive training for new skills, such as helping others to apply for a social security card or complete income taxes.

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The academic success of children in later years depends heavily upon their kindergarten readiness. The first few years of education and preparedness are the most crucial to establishing a solid foundation from which children can adapt to school systems and learn successfully. During this period, children develop primary skills that form the foundations of reading, counting, and social interaction.

The levels of preparedness with which a child...

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