Corporate Social Responsibility

United Way partners with leaders in industry that go beyond their business goals and leverage corporate social responsibility to help create a strong community.

Our corporate partners are helping people in our seven parish service area develop innovative strategies that are improving education outcomes, fortifying financial stability and creating healthier communities.



United Way Awards


This year we recognize three outstanding companies whose work exemplify employee and consumer engagement. They are:


Sharon Green Insurance Agency received the Small Business Live United Award.  

The first award is to a small business with less than 50 employees — in fact the award goes to a company of only 5 employees. They raised over $6,000 – and the owner is a committed leadership giver. They have 80% participation, way above the 15% average, and almost 90% of their giving is focused on United Way’s mission.  The owner has advocated for United Way within the business community.  She speaks to community and business groups about United Way, and arranged for a presentation to all the insurance companies in St. Tammany Parish.  And her support hasn’t stopped there.  This business owner participated in the community conversations in St. Tammany, is on the St. Tammany Leadership Council, and is active in their campaign cabinet.



Loop LLC

Loop LLC earned the award for Mid-sized Company

This company has 61 employees, 27 leadership givers, and raised over $80,000!  They have 90% participation, over the 15% average, and 90% of their giving is focused on United Way’s mission. In addition, this company had a team at United Way’s annual red beans and rice cook - off, helping to kick-off the workplace campaign.

This company’s CEO will serve as the 2015 chair of the St. Tammany Leadership Council. He has met with CEOs of other companies in St. Tammany and those doing business with his company on behalf of United Way.His efforts resulted in one new campaign and three other campaigns are in the works. This company is a sponsor of the suicide prevention program in St. Tammany Parish and was a sponsor of ‘Filmanthropy’ a showing of “Private Violence” be nefitting victims of domestic violence, stalking and sexual assault.  But they haven’t stopped there. Under the CEO’s leadership hundreds of hours have been given by talented LOOP staff to United Way’s transformation work – from facilitating multiple retreats, assisting in graphic presentations, and supporting strategy development to sharing the personal side of their experience in organizational transformation. We wouldn’t be where we are today in this work without them.

Shell captured the award for Large Company.

With outstanding leadership and commitment to community, this company and its 2,000+ employees raised over 2.6 million dollars this year - the largest - ever workplace campaign!  And they did this with almost 50% participation and 33 Tocqueville Society members! Those dollars help fund a multitude of programs, but their corporate gift also helped United Way directly with its loaned executive program, reading initiatives, and Mission Ignition youth volunteerism. This company’s leader is a committed volunteer with a ‘can do ‘attitude. He has spoken on United Way’s behalf to the Business Council as well as to numerous companies.

Through its ‘not to be missed’ annual Golf Tournament, this company has succeeded in recruiting businesses IN and OUT of our footprint, to donate over $200-thousand dollars on behalf of United Way. Employees who are members of the Women’s Leadership Council have actively supported domestic violence legislation. Others have volunteered their time to rebuild a house, paint a school, participate in community conversations, campaign events and more—totaling well over 700 hours of their time. They also hosted 4 community conversations at One Shell Square for their employees from around the region.


All of our Top 60 Corporate Partners received certificates of recognition.



We are proud to announce our 2015-2016 Awards Competition. 

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