National Hurricane Preparedness Week

May 6 marked the beginning of National Hurricane Preparedness Week across the country. Hurricanes are a triple natural threat bringing high winds, soaking rain, and flying debris. They can cause devastation and property destruction on a massive scale, making proper disaster mitigation and well-planned response all the more important. While all coastal areas are at risk for hurricanes, Louisiana is particularly vulnerable.

On average, 12 tropical storms, 6 of which become hurricanes, form over the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, or Gulf of Mexico during the hurricane season which runs from June 1 to November 30 each year.

Over a typical 2-year period, the U.S. coastline is struck by an average of 3 hurricanes, 1 of which is classified as a major hurricane. While hurricanes pose the greatest threat to life and property, tropical storms and depression also can be devastating. 

By knowing what actions to take before the hurricane season begins, when a hurricane approaches, and when the storm is in your area, as well as what to do after a hurricane leaves your area, you can increase your chance of survival.

Visit for a number of resources to help you prepare and download the Louisiana Emergency Preparedness Guide here.