Sample Letters

The following letters can be adapted to meet the needs of your campaign.



Dear (Employee's Name),

This year's United Way campaign will kick off at (Company's Name) on (Date), (Coordinator's Name or the Campaign Committee) has been chosen as our employee campaign coordinator and has added new and exciting dimensions to this year's drive. United Way of Southeast Louisiana has always had the full support and commitment of (Company Name), and I am looking forward to this year's campaign with enthusiasm.

During the week of (Date), a meeting will be scheduled to better inform you of the services available through United Way agencies and to answer any questions you may have. I look forward to seeing you there. Thank you for helping (Company Name) Live United!

(CEO / Manager)



Dear Employee,

As CEO of (Company), I am very proud of our company and its employees for helping to make our community better.

One way we do this is through our participation in the annual United Way campaign. United Way of Southeast Louisiana offers everyone an opportunity to help others with the confidence that dollars contributed are well spent right here in our community.

In addition to our corporate gift, (Company) also supports an employee campaign. Our company believes in the effectiveness, efficiency and accountability of our local United Way. That is why we provide the time and opportunity for our employees to learn about the services funded by United Way, so that they can make an informed giving decision. We also offer payroll deduction to enable you to give as generously as possible without greatly impacting your family's budget. We do this because our community's needs are great and we believe that everyone has a stake in making it a better place to live.

Please give serious consideration to this opportunity to be a part of something that helps so many. The dates of our company's campaign are (Dates). Our employee campaign coordinator is (Name). Please give him/her and the campaign committee your support. Thank you for helping (Company Name) Live United!

(CEO / Manager)



Dear Employee,

Please mark (Date) on your calendar and join our team to help kick-off (Company)’s annual United Way campaign.

At (Company), we believe that giving is a personal choice. That's why we commit the time and resources to give you the opportunity of find out more about United Way of Southeast Louisiana. All we ask is that you open your heart and your mind in order to make an informed giving decision. We look forward to addressing your questions at the company kick-off.

(Company) and United Way of Southeast Louisiana have worked together as a team for years to help provide the basic health and human services to our friends and neighbors in need. One of the many advantages of giving to United Way is the assurance that your contribution is used in the most effective way possible in our community. United Way keeps administrative costs to a minimum and local volunteers make funding decisions after a thorough review of each agency's budgets and programs. United Way is helping where help is needed most!

Plus, please remember that (Company) offers employees the convenience of giving through payroll deduction. (Describe how many pay periods per year, when payroll deduction starts, etc...) This makes contributing to United Way a little bit easier and more convenient for all of us.

When one of our volunteers approaches you to ask for a contribution, please be generous. United Way is the best opportunity we have to keep our community strong and healthy. Thank you in advance for your consideration, and for helping (Company Name) Live United.

(CEO / Manager)




Dear Employee,

Please mark (Date) on your calendar as the kick-off for (Company’s) annual United Way fund-raising effort. This year’s campaign will run from (Date To Date) and our Campaign Coordinator (Name), has put together a series of exciting events for us to participate in and support.

(Company Name) cares deeply about our community and the quality of life that makes the Greater New Orleans Area unique. And United Way focuses resources to provide solutions for our community’s most pressing problems.

Through our contributions, we can make sure help is there for families, co-workers and friends. United Way assures that a broad range of services is available to help local people become independent and self-sufficient. I believe that supporting United Way is a sound decision. We will have a chance to learn more about United Way during our upcoming kickoff rally.

(Company Name) is proud to support United Way of Southeast Louisiana. See you all at the kickoff.




Dear Executive,

Our company has always demonstrated through our contributions our belief that an investment in United Way is an investment in the community. Not only has (Company) distinguished itself as a leader in our field, but also as a leader in caring and giving to our community.

Again this year we have an opportunity to lead by example by participating in United Way's Richard West Freeman Leaders in Giving Association. By giving an annual personal gift of $500 or more through the United Way campaign, you play a big role in helping address the increasing needs of our community. It also sends a clear message that you believe United Way is the best way to care for our community.

Please note that your decision to give to the campaign at any level is a personal one. Should you need additional information to make an informed decision, please do not hesitate to ask a United Way volunteer.

If you decide to participate, please complete and return the forms provided to you by (Volunteer), our company's Employee Campaign Coordinator. They will provide an additional card for you to complete for recognition purposes. Although you may choose to remain anonymous, United Way believes that publicizing leadership contributor's names sets a positive example for other donors who also might be able to give at the leadership level. Thank you in advance for your consideration, and for helping (Company Name) Live United.

(CEO / Manager)



Dear Fellow Employee:

I want to personally thank each and every one of you who contributed to our United Way campaign. Your kindness will touch many lives in need of help.

Because of your generosity, employee contributions increased by (Percent) -- far exceeding our goal. (Company) employees' (Amount) gift to the United Way this year is a true expression of caring and an investment in our community.

Thank you for your support. Together, (Company Name) is Living United!

(CEO / Manager) (or Employee Campaign Coordinator)



Dear Contributor:

Because you cared, someone you know will be helped by a United Way agency. Because you cared, help will be there, where help is needed most.

It takes every one of us to build a better community. Thank you for doing your part, and for helping (Company Name) Live United.

(CEO / Manager) (or Campaign Coordinator)



Dear Volunteer:

Thank you for doing a great job on this year’s United Way campaign! 

I know that a successful employee campaign doesn't just happen. It requires a lot of planning, time and effort. I appreciate the extraordinary effort you put forth. 

The results of our campaign speak for themselves. It's obvious that more of our employees became educated about how their dollars work through the United Way. The proof is in the giving. 

Thank you for all you did to make (Company)’s United Way campaign a success. But most importantly, thank you on behalf of all our friends and neighbors who will get the help they need. You are a great example of Living United! 

(CEO / Manager)