Articles and Research

March 29, 2016
Louisiana Policy Institute for Children
"Early Education Programs At-Risk for Funding Cuts Again"

Children who begin school behind, generally remain behind, and already 46% of Louisiana children are entering Kindergarten behind. Cuts to early care and education will set Louisiana back ever further and ultimately cost more in special education, remediation and grade retention in the future. Read more...


March 14, 2016
The Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana
"Out of Chaos Comes Change"

The special session left hard choices but made significant changes and set up Louisiana’s opportunity to move forward with reform

With the special session over, state leaders now will take a deep breath and turn their attention to the regular session and a projected $800 million budget imbalance for next fiscal year. The special session bought time but not long-term solutions. Looming on the 2018 horizon is an immense revenue cliff that could pressure leaders finally to establish a foundation of financial prudence and stability. Read more...


March 11, 2016
Louisiana Policy Institute for Children
"Legislative Special Session Ends - Extensive Mid-Year Cuts to Early Ed Averted"

Last night, the First 2016 Special Session of the Louisiana Legislature adjourned. As noted by the Times-Picayune, "The Louisiana Legislature waited until the final minutes of a 25-day special session Wednesday (March 9) to approve a tenuous plan that averts a financial meltdown in the short term but failed to fully fund state services by as much as $30 million in the current budget cycle." Read more...