What This Place Needs

United Way 2015-2016 Campaign Chair, Rick Haase, president, Latter & Blum, discusses what this place needs is You!  We need more donors, advocates and volunteers to join us in our effort to reduce proverty.  We do this by creating economic opportunity for everyone.  To accomplish this goal we must unite.  Hear his full message to the community below.




Hurricane Katrina Ten Years Later United Way is Here for You Before. During. After. Always.

August 29, 2005 is indelibly etched in our minds as a day of heartaches and heroes. The world watched in horror as the southeast Louisiana landscape and our lives were forever changed by Hurricane Katrina. Just three weeks later, Hurricane Rita roared ashore causing additional damage. Generations from now the catastrophes of Katrina and Rita will still be defining points in our history. And, then, as now, United Way of Southeast Louisiana will proudly say it was here for you.