Public Policy Update: May 17, 2016

Senate Bill 254, Equal Pay by Senator J.P. Morrell, will be voted on in the House Labor Committee on Thursday, May 19th at 9:30AM in House Committee Room 5 at the State Capitol!

We’ve passed the Senate floor and now it’s time to continue the work in the House of Representatives.

Louisiana is last in the nation in the ratio of what women earn compared to men – 65 cents to the dollar!  African American women are even worse off - earning only 48 cents to the dollar earned by non-Hispanic white men.  That means that women - who are breadwinners in 2/3 of our families and the only breadwinner in about 40 per cent of them, are struggling to make it in a tough economy.  

We are encouraging constituents and citizens to contact their legislators about this problem and ask for the meaningful legislation needed to solve it.  

Please email or call as well as and ask your contacts who live in their districts to contact your legislator (or any and all of the House Labor Committee members) to support MEANINGFUL LEGISLATION TO GET WOMEN EQUAL PAY FOR EQUAL WORK! 

We encourage constituents who are able to join us in Baton Rouge Thursday morning for the Committee Hearing to wear RED to show support for this legislation. 

SB 254 -

Labor and Industrial Relations Committee -