Welcome to the Poverty: Information Sharing Corner

Many of our social problems have the same root cause - Poverty. We held 63 listening sessions in our seven-parish region and identified POVERTY as United Way's 'Big Issue' going forward. We've put our stake in the ground. We want businesses and individuals to join us in developing strategies and partnerships. Together we can educate and empower people to help lift them out of poverty. We can create a stronger, better community.


  • HEALTH: Lack of Resources; Healthy Lifestyles; Access to Care/Supports
  • EDUCATION: Early Education; Afterschool Time; Graduation & Drop Out Rates
  • ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY: Strong Workforce; Employment Opportunities; Financial Stability

Since we have begun our work to address the 'Big Issue of Poverty', numerous noteworthy articles/studies have been published about the things that hold people back from moving out of poverty.  If we are going to create sustainable solutions to address poverty we must increase our knowledge around this issue.

We are proud to introduce "Poverty: Information Sharing Corner" newsletter. Our "Poverty: Information Sharing Corner" will keep you informed on our 'Big Issue' by sharing relevant articles and research on a weekly basis.  We also inform you of important dates and news about what’s happening with our work in the community and ask you to share articles you may find surrounding our Big Issue. Join the Poverty: Information Sharing Corner mailing list and stay informed!