What a Great Day to Give!

At the end of a four-day shopping extravaganza that includes Black Friday, ShopLocal Saturday and Cyber Monday, a more recent “Global Day” is taking place. Giving Tuesday is a day of giving back. On this day, today, December 1st, individuals around the world will come together to celebrate the spirit of giving and generosity.

While many organizations are requesting that people consider giving of their time, talent or treasure today, United Way of Southeast Louisiana would like to use this day to give ourselves. We want to give thanks to those who have already given and continue to give.

We give thanks to the 22,000+ donors who give to United Way every year in order for us to support the health and human service needs of all individuals in our seven-parish area.

We give thanks to the 6,000+ people who have already made an investment in our 2015-2016 United Way fundraising campaign, which will close on March 31st.

We give thanks the 2,100+ Loyal Contributors who have been donating to United Way each year for at least ten years.

We give thanks to the 1,000+ volunteers who have given countless hours to support our internal work through Cabinets, Leadership Councils, committees or collaborations, or have volunteered with one of our many Community Impact partner agencies, building capacity for their extremely important work.

We give thanks to the 830+ companies that support United Way through either a workplace campaign, a special event fundraiser or a corporate gift.

We give thanks to the 800+ Leadership Donors that have already made a commitment of $500 or more during the first half of this year’s campaign.

We give thanks to the 160+ members of our Women’s Leadership Council who not only give Leadership Gifts but make personal investments in programs and initiatives that will support the many needs of women and children in our community.

We give thanks to 144 members of our Tocqueville Society who donate a minimum of $10,000 every year to United Way.

We give thanks to the 43 members of our Board of Trustees who guide our work every day and ensure that United Way is being the best possible steward of our donors’ dollars.

Are you already part of this list? If so, we thank YOU for giving! And if you have not yet joined our movement, please remember our 2015-2016 Campaign theme: What this place needs is YOU!