Williamson's Notes: Governor Edwards Signs Key Legislation

Friends and Fellow Advocates, 

United Way of Southeast Louisiana is celebrating the successes of its Public Policy team and advocates following Governor John Bel Edward’s signing of 11 signature pieces of legislation. With these victories, United Way continues to demonstrate the importance of effective advocacy and its power to fight for the most vulnerable among us.

UWSELA’s Public Policy team – led by Charmaine Caccioppi, UWSELA Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer; Kim Sport, UWSELA Public Policy Committee Chairman; and Pamela Allison, Director of Public Policy/Community Impact – fought tirelessly to advance the following pieces of legislation.

The Governor’s signature illustrates the bravery of UWSELA’s Public Policy leaders and our allies in this fight. We recognize that standing strong in favor of many of these issues in Louisiana has historically been challenging, and we applaud our legislative champions for moving these essential pieces of legislation forward to build a better, brighter Southeast Louisiana for us all.


  Michael Williamson
  President and CEO
  United Way of Southeast Louisiana 



Successfully supported HBs 460 and 690 by Rep. Stokes to require insurance coverage of 3D mammography and post-cancer screenings

Successfully supported HB 753 by Rep. Stokes to license genetic counselors in Louisiana

Successfully supported Sen. Morrell’s SB 231 to create a procedure for the transfer of firearms from prohibited possessors, a new crime of unlawful return of a transferred firearm, and enhanced penalties for attempts to purchase a firearm by lying on a background check application

Successfully supported Rep. Jefferson’s HB 125 which creates a presumption of entitlement to spousal support to a victim from an abusive spouse

Successfully supported Rep. P. Smith’s HB 896 which requires a protective order with a firearm prohibition to be issued to a victim and a victim’s children during prosecution of a crime of violence or any felony perpetrated upon an intimate partner

Successfully supported Rep. P. Smith’s HB 776 which requires that any protective order issued following a conviction of a stalking include a firearm prohibition

Successfully supported HB 896 by Rep. P. Smith which makes any act of domestic battery which causes severe bodily injury a crime of violence with an add-on penalty of up to eight years imprisonment and which adds a penalty of up to three years to any act of domestic battery which involves pregnancy, child endangerment, strangulation or burning

Successfully supported Sen. Martiny’s SB 60 which allows prior acts of domestic violence, family violence and sexual assault to be admissible in any civil proceeding

Successfully supported Rep. White’s HB 100 which allows a judge to assess appellate costs against an abusive spouse in divorce cases

Successfully supported Sen. Barrows’ SB 447 which requires annual sexual harassment training for all public servants