Access to Health


When it comes to accessing health services, a person’s zip code should never be a deterrent to success, nor should it be a barrier to improved health. Yet for many, that’s a daily reality.

By making it easier for individuals to access substance abuse programs, receive quality health care, and access nutritious foods, we’re fighting to help everyone get—and stay—healthy.


individuals accessed health care services and supports


of children and adults served ate healthier, increased physical activity, and/or moved toward a healthy weight


of youth/adults served who avoid or reduce risky behaviors (e.g. alcohol, drug abuse, unprotected sexual activity)



Erica* was in counseling following the traumatic death of her father. While she struggled to overcome the emotional pain of his passing, the Children's Bureau of New Orleans, a United Way partner agency, helped her process her feelings and work through the heartache that was holding her back. 

After months of successful therapy, Erica created a drawing of two bookshelves to represent her experience in counseling. The first shelf, labeled day one, contained a single book titled, “Grief.” The other shelf, marked day 1,843, held that same book, but now shared the space with other items: her father's shirt and dog tags from his funeral, glitter jars and activities she created in memorable therapy sessions, a clock to represent that time goes on, and her school books to illustrate that she's working toward her high school and college goals. Erica is now able to process her father's passing in a healthy way while also focusing on the good things in her life and the bright future that awaits her. 

United Way is proud to partner with organizations like the Children's Bureau of New Orleans to ensure all children have a chance to lead healthy, happy lives. 

*Name and image changed to protect client privacy


The United Way of Southeast Louisiana 2020 Public Policy Legislative Agenda, “United for a Safe & Prosperous Community,” advances our mission to eradicate poverty in Southeast Louisiana by fighting for the most vulnerable among us. COVID-19 interrupted the 2020 session, and it also interrupted what bills made it to the floor, with pandemic-related bills taking precedent.

Health Wins in 2020:

ACT 269 (Formerly HB 435) authored by Rep. Edmond Jordan HEALTH/MEDICAL TREATMENT: Provides relative to nonconsensual pelvic or rectal examinations by health care providers and medical students.

ACT 304 (Formerly SB 494) authored by Sen. Troy Carter INSURANCE POLICIES: Provides relative to coverage for mastectomies and reconstructive surgery. This bill closes a loophole in current law that allows some insurance providers to agree they must cover the reconstruction of a breast which has been preventatively or prophylactically removed, but NOT the actual preventative or prophylactic mastectomy.

ACT 101 (Formerly HB 212) authored by Rep. Joseph Marino CRIME/BATTERY: Provides relative to domestic abuse. 

View a wrap-up of our efforts during the 2020 regular and special legislative sessions here.