Nancy M. Marsiglia Institute of Justice Graduates 25 New Fellows

Have you read every word of the U.S. Constitution? No? The newest graduates of the Nancy M. Marsiglia Institute of Justice could likely recite them for you.

The Marsiglia Institute of Justice is a 12-week U.S. Constitution course created by United Way of Southeast Louisiana and Loyola University New Orleans College of Law to reclaim civil discourse. The class brings together a diverse group of community members to explore the Constitution through its articles, Bill of Rights, and amendments; and understand the document’s relevance in modern-day America.

On April 25, participants of the spring 2019 session gathered at Loyola College of Law for their final test - a mock congressional hearing with real judges. 

During the hearings – presided over by U.S. District Judge Eldon Fallon, U.S. Circuit Judge Stephen A. Higginson, and former U.S. Circuit Judge and Loyola College of Law Dean Madeleine Landrieu – groups of students presented arguments and answered questions on a constitutional issue. The topics discussed, including immigration reform, state legalization of marijuana, and hate speech, could have easily been found in the day’s headlines, demonstrating the living nature of the Constitution. 

After successfully defending their positions, participants received certificates recognizing them as a “Distinguished Fellow of the Nancy M. Marsiglia Institute of Justice.”

Marsiglia Institute spring 2019 graduates include:

Marguerite Adams

Todd Battiste

Kelly Brown

Rod Caccioppi

Joseph Chango

Lisa Ray Diggs

Carling Dinkler

Dani DiPietro

Kisha Laurent Gaudin

Dr. Eric Griggs

Glenn Gruber

Gail Hester Louapre

Michael Hoarty

Mithun Kamath

Dana Keren

Frederick Kushner

Marva Lewis

Erica Martinez

Ricardo Mesa

Nancy Olinde

Sandy Rosenthal

Tammy Savoie

Eliana Soto

LaVerne Saulny Toombs

Shirley Young

View an album of photos from the event here

Applications for the fall 2019 class of the Marsiglia Institute of Justice open May 30, 2019. Learn more at