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Our Staff

Executive Division

Michael Williamson

Kiyomi Gaines
Director, Office of the President

Charmaine Caccioppi
Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer

Pamela Allison
Director, Public Policy Analysis & CI

Carol Gstohl
Chief Human Resource Officer

Jamene Dahmer
Sr. Vice President, Long Term Recovery

Cynthia Corcoran
Manager of First Impressions

Resource Development Division

Cammie Proctor
Senior Director, Resource Development

Melody Reed
Senior Director, Resource Development

Michelle Dunnick
Director, Events & Investor Relations

Sonja Newman
Director, Resource Development

Aaron Bryan
Manager, Resource Development

Haley Mack
Manager, Resource Development

Kay Brown
Associate, Resource Development

Nicole Bellotti
Administrative Assistant, RD & Marketing

Community Impact Division

Mary Ambrose
Chief Impact Officer

Eugenia Navarre
Executive Assistant to CIO

Todd Battiste
Senior Vice President, Education & Equity

Tap Bui
Vice President, Health & Fund Distribution

Jillian Delos Reyes
Grade Level Reading Manager

Vanessa Greenslade
Data Analyst/Grant Writer

Chiquita Lattimore
Vice President, Financial Capability

Donna Darensbourg
Manager, Financial Capability

Giazzlyn Duncan
Manager, Financial Capability and Workforce Development

Tiffany Scott
Financial Capability Specialist

Ellenor Simmons
Financial Capability Specialist

Christina Smothers
Financial Capability Specialist

Jessy Murillo
Program Specialist, Financial Capability

Jason Clark
Administrative Assistant, Financial Capability & Community Impact

Finance & Operations Division

Debra Modlin
Chief Financial Officer

Julianne Sabatini

Ruiyi Jiang
Senior Accountant II

Stacy Brower
Senior Accountant

Kira McAllister
Accounting Database Manager

Gail Dixon
Accounts Payable Coordinator

Stephanie Nelson
Administrative Assistant, Finance & Operations

Ed Krause
Chief Technology Officer

Jeff Hebert
IT Manager

Pam Aubry
Systems Administrator

Eric Bechler
Building Engineer/Manager

Malcolm Dyer
Building Engineer

Marketing & Public Relations Division

Michelle Clarke Payne
Vice President, Marketing and Investor Relations
Missy Romagosa
Senior Director, Marketing and Public Relations
Kirby Jane Nagle
Senior Director, Communications/PIO
Mary Ann Bazile
Director, Marketing and Public Relations
Bobbie Green
Digital Marketing Manager
Mary Johns
Strategic Communications & Engagement Manager