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YLM Membership

YLM events and volunteer opportunities are open for all to attend. To enjoy the exclusive benefits associated with membership, an annual donation of $250 to United Way is required.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?
Enjoy many meaningful benefits as an YLM member, including opportunities to:

  • Access to a network of like-minded, compassionate young professionals all working toward the same goal of changing the odds for our neighbors in need
  • Work toward your personal and professional goals
  • Hear from and interact with influential local and national leaders
  • Spend more time volunteering

Investing Member - $250
These members may vote, have access to career workshops, mentorship luncheons, and special event pricing.

Partnership Member - $150 + 10 volunteer hours
These members may vote and have access to career workshops.

Volunteer Corps - 25 volunteer hours
These volunteers will receive YLM newsletters and have access to career workshops for a minimal fee.

Become a member today!

For more information about membership and/or to set up a payment plan,
contact Eileen Moynihan at 504-827-9255 or