Listen to 'Live United' Radio

Tune in each week as our Chief Communications Officer, Terry Westerfield, speaks with United Way of Soutneast Louisiana's community partners, corporate partners, volunteers and advocates about the work we're doing collectively to create equitable communities where all individuals are healthy, educated and economically stable. 

Listen each Sunday:

5:00 AM on WKBU - 95.7FM
6:00 AM on WLMG - 101.9FM
6:00 AM on WNOE - 101.1FM
6:45 AM on WQUE - 93.3FM
7:00 AM on WEZB - 97.1FM
7:00 AM on WWL - 105.3FM
7:00 AM on WWL - 870AM
7:00 AM on WRNO - 99.5FM
7:00 AM on KVDU - 104.1FM
7:00 AM on ROCK - 96.3FM

7:00 AM on WODT - 1280AM
7:30 AM on WWWL - 1350AM
9:00 PM on WYLD - 940AM