Louisiana Prisoner Reentry Initiative

Louisiana Prisoner Reentry Initiative

Louisiana Prisoner Reentry InitiativeWhen individuals return from prison, their likelihood of contributing positively to their community relies on their ability to secure meaningful employment, find a place to live, and have the education and resources necessary to advance in life. A task increasingly challenging in Louisiana. Louisiana Prisoner Reentry Initiative

United Way of Southeast Louisiana’s Louisiana Prisoner Reentry Initiative (LA-PRI) aims to ensure that every individual released back into Jefferson and St. Tammany parishes will have a chance of securing a job that pays a livable wage, staying out of prison, and living longer, healthier lives. That translates into safer, healthier, and more vibrant communities for everyone. 


state ranking for imprisonment rate


of individuals released from prison will return within one year



of formerly incarcerated individuals are still jobless up to a year after release

We’re on a mission to enhance public safety and reduce costs by implementing a seamless plan of services and supervision developed for each offender – delivered through state and local collaboration – from the time of their incarceration through their transition, reintegration, and aftercare in the community.

Continuum of Care

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Three-Phase Approach

The successful execution of the LA-PRI model involves three phases through the life of a prisoner’s sentence:

Phase 1: Getting Ready The Institutional Phase Assessment & Prison Programming

Phase 2: Transitioning The Transitional Phase Release Preparation and Collaborative Case Planning

Phase 3: Staying Home The Community Phase Treatment & Supervision Plan



Jefferson Parish

In Southeast Louisiana, United Way’s LA-PRI operates as the regional Reentry program in Jefferson Parish in conjunction with local officials.


of LA-PRI participants in Jefferson Parish did not recidivate in year one


of LA-PRI participants in Jefferson Parish secured permanent employment


of legal cases of been resolved for LA-PRI participants in Jefferson Parish

Louisiana Prisoner Reentry Initiative in Jefferson Parish

Serves as a model and a framework to help improve public safety. Life can be difficult. It can always present you with certain circumstances that are challenging to navigate, so imagine if on top of that you have a record and you’ve been released from prison…

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Jefferson Parish Council

Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections

Catholic Charities of Archdiocese of New Orleans

Louisiana Public Health Institute

Loyola University New Orleans College of Law Stuart H. Smith Law Clinic and Center For Social Justice

Justice and Accountability Center of Louisiana

Southeast Louisiana Legal Services

Ronnie Slone
Community Co-Chair – Business and Industry, President of the Slone Group

Kewana Ceasor
Probation and Parole Community Co-Chair, Re-Entry Program Manager - Jefferson Parish Probation and Parole

Captain Byron Williams, Ed.S
Institution Co-Chair -  Director - Southeastern Regional Reentry Program, Plaquemines Parish Sheriff's Office

Mary Ambrose
Intermediary Organization - Representative, Chief Impact Officer – United Way of Southeast Louisiana

Joe Dier
Probation and Parole Co-Chair - Jefferson Parish Probation and Parole - East, District Administrator, EJD

Jon Reeves
Probation and Parole Co-Chair - Jefferson Parish Probation and Parole - West, District Administrator, JPD

Stephanie Mills
Steering Team Member, Reentry Program Director – CCANO

Twanda Lewis
LA-PRI Regional Program Manager

Victoria Coy
Jefferson Parish Community Coordinator

St. Tammany Parish*

In Southeast Louisiana, United Way’s LA-PRI operates as the regional Reentry program in St. Tammany Parish in conjunction with local officials. 

*United Way and partners will begin serving St. Tammany Parish in 2021-2022.

22nd Judicial District Court

Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans

Church of The King

Florida Parishes Human Services Authority

GEO Reentry

NAMI St. Tammany 

Northshore Technical Community College

Samaritan Center

St. Tammany Probation and Parole

Tri-Parish Works

United Way of Southeast Louisiana

Upward Community Services

Mike Phelps
St. Tammany Probation & Parole, Re-Entry Program Manager, Probation and Parole Co-Chair

Josh Holliday
Church of The King Prison Ministry Pastor, Community Co-Chair, Church of The King

Deputy Chief Douglas Sharp
St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office, Institution Co-Chair, St. Tammany Parish Jail

The Honorable William H. Burris
22nd Judicial Court

Stephanie Mills
Re-Entry Program Director, CCANO

Success Stories

Probation Violation


 A Change of Heart: Mike's Story

At the beginning of Mike Phelps’s 23-year law enforcement career, he saw the men and women in prison as people who deserved to be there. He saw them as the problem. Yet after seeing those he put in prison recidivate, he started to dig deeper into the issue and understand the barriers...

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Life After Incarceration: Jeff's Story

After going through a difficult season in life, Jeff Lemoine found himself addicted to drugs and alcohol and ended up incarcerated. While there, his faith helped him find clarity about his situation. “The last time I was incarcerated, God really spoke to me. I knew I was done with that life. I had nothing left,” he said...

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To learn more about LA-PRI, contact info@unitedwaysela.org.

Click here for more information about the statewide LA-PRI Framework.