Public Policy Update: May 31, 2016

The Legislature moves into the final full week of the regular session that must end on June 6 at 6:00 pm.  

Governor John Bel Edwards has issued a call for a special session to begin at 6:30pm on June 6 and end on June 23.  The special session is being called to address an expected $600M budget deficit and also to address issues from the first special session including sales tax exemptions for youth organizations and other groups unintentionally impacted in the closing minutes of the session.  More information on the call for the Second Special session of 2016.

Legislative highlights from the past week include:

HB 931 by Representative Malinda White: CRIME:  Amends provisions of law regarding domestic abuse battery has been signed by the President.  This bill requires completion of intervention programs and to increase sentences for patterns of abuse perpetrated to control victims.

Passage of SB 301 and 303, two of the juvenile justice bills, by unanimous vote.  It’s official, the remaining bills: Raise the Age SB 324 and SB 302 will be heard on the House floor on Thursday, June 2.  This is the time for all of us to create a final surge of support and see these bills passed!  Here’s how you can help.
1.    Come to the legislature in person on June 2nd.  If you have them, please wear a Raise the Age button or t-shirt (we will have extras on hand).  Let’s pack the chamber!
2.    Email your networks asking people to send an email to their representatives in support of Raise the Age.  A sample email is in the attached toolkit.
3.    Post to your social media sites asking people to send emails.  Sample Facebook and Twitter posts are attached, and you can always share posts from the Coalition’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Thank you for your continued efforts to see that these bills get to the governor’s desk.