United Way of Southeast Louisiana is a proud partner and funder of VIA LINK 2-1-1. As recently reported, while VIA LINK is facing challenges funding the National Suicide Prevention LIFELINE service for Louisiana, it is not in danger of closing.

VIA LINK is the only accredited agency in Louisiana taking National Suicide Prevention LIFELINE call originating in Louisiana. This call volume is between 1,300 to 1,600 a month for this single crisis line, 1-800-273-TALK. Unfortunately, this is not a federally funded service. Agencies providing LIFELINE service must seek funding to host the line if their state does not provide funding. Currently, there is no dedicated funds for LIFELINE in Louisiana.
If sufficient funding is not received by December, continuing to answer these calls without funding would jeopardize the financial picture for the agency. As a result, VIA LINK will begin to forward Louisiana LIFELINE calls to an out-of-state backup center, resulting in dramatically longer wait times and no local resources provided.
Southeast Louisianans can still count on VIA LINK for access to thousands of community resources and other contractual crisis hotlines, including 2-1-1, 2-1-1 crisis, The Teen Crisis TEXTLINE, VIA LINK Crisis Chat, and more. 
VIA LINK and UWSELA are committed partners in providing crisis and information & referral 211 services to Louisiana.
Your support of United Way provides access to VIA LINK to thousands of households in need throughout our community and Louisiana.
Thank you,


  Michael Williamson
  President and CEO
  United Way of Southeast Louisiana