Corporate Social Responsibility

Connecting Business to Community

United Way is Good for Business

To solve big problems, we need long-term solutions. United Way of Southeast Louisiana’s Blueprint for Prosperity - our strategic plan to move individuals out of poverty - identifies specific indicators and outcomes that will maximize employment and increase the productive capacity of our regional economy. We work closely with top corporate, government, and community influencers on critical community issues to improve conditions for business success.

  • United Way focuses on three critical areas aimed at strengthening Southeast Louisiana’s economic growth:
  • Building a more engaged and skilled workforce
  • Minimizing the pressure on health care and social services
  • Supporting corporate social responsibility efforts

As we continue to improve economic opportunities for business in Southeast Louisiana, we remain dedicated to providing the support necessary to help your business thrive


Your Internal Community Relations Strategist

United Way serves as an internal community relations strategist for your company, ensuring that your philanthropic investments align with your business needs and provide maximum exposure for your company.


Turnkey Opportunities

United Way creates turnkey philanthropic and engagement opportunities for your employees, giving them the flexibility to give, advocate, and volunteer on their terms – identifying the issues and causes they feel passionate about.

Our simple, straightforward payroll deduction process makes it easy for individuals to make a significant contribution, while not breaking their budgets. Even small gifts, when multiplied and combined with others, can create a significant impact.


Connecting Business To Community

A United Way workplace campaign means giving your employees the opportunity to be educated about the services and programs that are available to them, their family members, friends, and neighbors. Your corporate investment in United Way and an employee workplace campaign will return a loyal and energetic workforce that is ready to advance the well-being of your company, alongside a healthy and economically thriving Southeast Louisiana.


The Business Case

In an increasingly turbulent world, having a compelling north star that benefits society, stakeholders and business creates a pathway to business and societal success. In fact, companies whose purpose is a core driver of strategy are more likely to realize successful innovation and consistent revenue growth than competitors.  ~ Harvard Business Review
Today’s workforce places a premium on a company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR). CSR drives employee recruitment, engagement, and retention; customer loyalty; and long-term business success. (2016 Cone Communications Employee Engagement Study)  Download our Business Case to learn more.

All of our Top 60 Corporate Partners received certificates of recognition.