2023-2026 Community Partners

504HealthNet, Inc.
Phone Number: 504.507.9112
Website: 504healthnet.org

Healthy Hospitality Initiative
504HealthNet’s Healthy Hospitality initiative is a program that responds to hospitality industry workers’ access to health concerns. The goal of Healthy Hospitality is to connect hospitality industry workers, most of whom are not offered paid sick leave or health insurance benefits through work, to primary, dental, and/or behavioral health care at 504HealthNet member organizations through outreach, patient navigation, and referrals.
American Red Cross serving the Southeast Louisiana
Phone Number: 504.620.3150
Website: redcross.org

Disaster Services
The American Red Cross, through its unparalleled network of volunteers, donors, and partners, is always there in times of need, in southeast Louisiana, across the country and around the world. Meeting the disaster-caused needs of individuals and families is at the heart of our mission. We help people prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters of all sizes.

Arts Council of New Orleans
Phone Number: (504) 523-1465
Website: artsneworleans.org

Young Artist Movement (YAM)
Young Artist Movement (YAM) is Arts New Orleans’ arts education and workforce development program for creative youth ages 14-24. The program partners aspiring youth artists with professional artist mentors to beautify the community through public art, including murals, sculptures, and digital projections.
Bogalusa YMCA
Phone Number: 1 985-732-3741
Website: ymca.org/locations/bogalusa-ymca

Youth Development
With the continued partnership with United Way of Southeast Louisiana, the Bogalusa Y strives to make a significant impact for the Washington Parish community by enhancing its Health & Wellness, After-School and Growing Green Programs. These programs fall in line with United Way’s Personal Wellness, Prosperity Tomorrow and Vibrant Communities priority outcomes.
CADA Prevention and Recovery Center
Phone Number: (504) 821-2232
Website: cadagno.org/

Project Reconnect
The purpose of this program is to reduce recidivism and improve quality of life for individuals with criminal justice involvement and co-occurring substance abuse and mental health disorders by expanding access to substance use treatment and wrap around services, opening access to community-based programs, and advocating for clients’ rights to access services. Project Reconnect provides appropriate substance abuse treatment and hands-on intensive case management services to ensure clients have a direct link to service providers. The program works to remove barriers by advocating for client's individualized needs.
CADA Prevention and Recovery Center
Phone Number: (504) 821-2232
Website: cadagno.org/

Counseling Services
CADA’s counseling program is designed to promote change and increase mental well-being. By working collaboratively with a counselor, clients can work towards individualized goals through increasing one’s self-efficacy in decision making, problem solving, and ability to choose healthier coping skills. The program uses best practice and proven clinical methods to address a variety of mental and behavioral health conditions. Services are provided to individuals, couples, and families. Length and frequency of services is determined by the client’s progress toward emotional wellness.
Cancer Association of Greater New Orleans
Phone Number: (504) 733-5539
Website: calacares.org

Cancer Patient Services
The Cancer Association of Louisiana (CALA) formerly known as CAGNO, was founded in 1959, with a mission to assist local cancer patients, by providing a bedrock of support that enables patients to continue their treatment. Patients are eligible if they are in current treatment, hospice or palliative care for a cancer diagnosis.  A diagnosis of cancer is costly. CALA’s programs works to fill in the gaps in care. CALA does this by empowering patients on their path to recovery during their greatest time of need with necessities crucial to healing and improving quality of life. 

Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans
Phone Number: (504) 523-3755
Website: ccano.org

Counseling Solutions
Catholic Charities Archdiocese of  New Orleans ( CCANO) Counseling Solutions Program is a professional counseling program available to individuals and families of all faiths. Our caring and compassionate staff of licensed mental health professionals and interns provide help for adults and children coping with depression, anxiety/stress, grief and loss, abuse/trauma, chronic mental illness, parent-child issues, relationship issues, anger, and more.
Bethlehem Housing
CCANO offers homeless services through its Homeless Services Program with two projects: (1) Bridges to Self-Sufficiency and (2) Bethlehem Housing.  We are seeking funding for Bethlehem Housing.  Bethlehem Housing helps families locate and secure affordable housing, which may include deposits, 3-6 month’s rent, and other necessary move-in costs. Ongoing financial assistance is based on a progressive engagement model and will decrease over time with the family’s portion increasing at a manageable rate. Families participate in the program with the understanding that they will engage in financial education, including budgeting, avoiding predatory lending, managing bank accounts, and saving for the future.
Center for Employment Opportunities
Phone Number: 212.422.4430
Website: ceoworks.org

Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO) New Orleans
CEO works to reduce poverty and increase employment opportunities by providing justice-impacted individuals with immediate paid transitional employment, workforce readiness skills training, job coaching services, job development services, and ongoing job retention and career support for 1 year post job placement. In addition, CEO provides a robust set of wraparound services including access to advanced skills training, peer mentoring support, and referrals to community resources. CEO believes that everyone, regardless of their circumstance, deserves the opportunity to work toward a stronger future for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Center for the Innovative Training of Youth d/b/a STEM Global Action
Phone Number: (504) 391-0730
Website: stemnola.com

STEM Fellows
STEM NOLA’s STEM Fellows program supports Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) high-school students of color from low-income communities in New Orleans who show an aptitude and/or interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) to pursue careers in these fields. During the STEM Fellows program, participants engage in hands-on, immersive experiential learning through eight month-long mini-courses for two hours each Saturday, beginning in September and concluding in April. These mini-courses are designed to give students the in-depth understanding and skills needed to pursue a range of STEM careers while addressing real world solutions facing STEM professionals. 

Children’s Bureau of New Orleans
Phone Number: (504) 525-2366
Website: childrensbureaunola.org

Clinical Services
Children’s Bureau of New Orleans (CBNO) is dedicated to the mental health needs of children and youth ages 5-24 in the greater New Orleans community, with a mission to focus on the city's most vulnerable young residents. The organization provides grief & trauma counseling to children and families through a team of specially trained clinicians, embedded in youth serving organizations throughout the city.
Clover, formerly known as Kingsley House
Phone Number: (504) 523-6221
Website: clovernola.org

Clover Connections
Clover Connections is a workforce development program that assists individuals in preparing for careers in today’s top industries. Clover Connections drives economic security for families by providing participants with access to job preparation services, including career exploration counseling, career placement, financial literacy education classes, job readiness skills training, high school equivalency preparation, and referrals to additional needed resources.

College Beyond
Website: collegebeyond.org

College Success Program Multi-institutional Microgrant Support & Expansion
College Beyond is intentionally designed using national, research-based best practices to help underrepresented students successfully transition to and persist in college. Through higher education partnerships with institutions serving students from the Greater New Orleans area, we provide participants access to holistic success coaching and targeted financial support to help them enter and complete college. We envision a future where a student’s socioeconomic background is not a barrier to attaining a college degree. We are aimed toward a future in which resilience and academic ability -- which our students have in abundance -- are the only factors determining college success.

College Track
Phone Number: (504) 577-2021
Website: collegetrack.org

College Track New Orleans: Educational Justice Through College Completion
College Track New Orleans will work with over 430 high school and college students in the coming school year, equipping students to thrive with academic and social-emotional skill building, experiential learning, community service, financial aid and scholarships, one-on-one coaching, career exposure, and other holistic growth opportunities. College Track scholars have access to the same supportive community from high school to college, through college graduation, and beyond.
Community Center of St Bernard
Phone Number: (504) 518-5968
Website: ccofstb.com

Food Pantry & Backpack Programs
The Community Center of St. Bernard exists to support families and help reduce food insecurity in our community by providing people with a very important need, food. CCSTB currently serves over 190 families (over 360 people) per month within our food pantry. We also offer a "backpack program" that provides meals to students who do not have access to meals over the weekend. We currently serve 235 students per week in this program, our goal is to increase this number to 250 students for the next school year.

Dancing Grounds
Phone Number: (504) 535-5791
Website: dancingrounds.org

Dance for Social Change
Dancing Grounds’s (DG) Dance for Social Change (DSC) program is an arts and leadership initiative for high school students to build new artistic skills, develop self- and social awareness, learn tools for racial justice organizing, and grow into financial prosperity. For 2022 through 2024, youth have chosen to focus the program on the impact of violence on the city’s youth. 1,120 DG youth participate in the creation of original artistic works and leading community-centered conversations on the impacts and solutions to the city’s violence while gaining the opportunity to heal from trauma and develop the leadership and financial skills they need to overcome barriers and succeed.

Dental Lifeline Network - Louisiana
Phone Number: (303) 534-5360
Website: dentallifeline.org

Donated Dental Services (DDS)
Donated Dental Services (DDS) leverages a statewide network of hundreds of volunteer dentists and dental laboratories to provide comprehensive pro bono dental care to vulnerable adults who are either disabled, over age 65, or medically fragile. All DDS patients require extensive dental care, not just a check-up or maintenance care, and all lack the means to acquire treatment on their own.
East St Tammany Rainbow Child Care Center, Inc.
Phone Number: (985) 646-0718
Website: rainbowccc.org

Learn, Play, Grow
Rainbow provides a high-quality childcare program to low-income ALICE (Asset limited Income Constricted Employed) families and families in crisis.  Children between the ages of 1-5 are prepared for kindergarten using Frog Street Curriculum by loving and nurturing teachers. Assessments are preformed to track children's developmental milestones. Classrooms include STEM Centers, and our playground is equipped with learning centers, extensive room for play and exploration, and tools for discovery. Parents must work or be enrolled in school/training programs to register their child.  Rates are based on income.
Family Violence Program of St. Bernard
Phone Number: (504) 277-3177
Website: fvpsb.org

Family Violence Program of St. Bernard
Family Violence Program of St. Bernard strives to resolve domestic violence related crises in order to ensure participants have their immediate needs met and move towards self-reliance. We offer shelter, free crisis intervention, advocacy, referrals, case management, children’s services, legal and court advocacy, group and individual counseling, transportation and pet-friendly shelter.  
Our mission is to empower all survivors of domestic violence-through strong programs that promote quality assurance and continuous growth-to live independent lives free from power and control by other individuals.  Stability today and Prosperity tomorrow for all our program participants.

Email: info@freealas.org
Website: freealas.org

Project Defender
Proyecto Defensor recruits and trains a diverse group of educators to support immigrant youth by connecting undocumented students with legal representation facilitated by ALAS. There are no public defenders in immigration court, and an immigrant student cannot afford $5,000-$20,000 for legal representation. Defendants without lawyers only win 8% of their cases, losing 92% of the time, and are typically deported. Yet those with attorneys win 88% of their cases, losing only 12% of the time. Proyecto Defensor trains educators to connect undocumented students to pro-bono and low-fee attorneys.

Grow Dat Youth Farm
Phone Number: (504) 300-1132
Website: growdatyouthfarm.org

Grow Dat Youth Farm Leadership Programs
On an annual basis, Grow Dat Youth Farm welcomes a diverse group of 60+ young people ages 15-24 to our seven-acre urban farm where they learn about and practice sustainable agriculture, community leadership, and food justice. As part of their program participation, youth are paid a stipend above minimum wage and are provided with meals during all-day programming and transportation to/from the farm. Each year, youth graduate from our leadership programs energized and motivated to apply what they learned on our farm to their communities and primed to build partnerships that will create and sustain responsive food systems.
Institute of Women & Ethnic Studies
Phone Number: (504) 599-7712
Website: iwesnola.org

Multisystem Compassionate Caring and Healing for Black Youth
The Multisystem Compassionate Caring and Healing for Black Youth (MCH-BY) program works to promote Black Youth Mental Health in Louisiana by addressing how social, political, and economic systems shape behaviors and access to resources for Black youth. IWES seeks to utilize Blueprint for Prosperity Funding to expand MCH-BY by increasing New Orleans youth's access to Teen Mental Health First Aid (TMHFA) by using a train-the-trainer model to train four of youth leaders, who will in turn co-facilitate mental health first aid training with IWES in their respective schools, communities, and neighborhoods.
Jefferson Community Foundation
Phone Number: (504) 264-1237
Website: jeffersoncommunity.org

Ensuring Equitable Access to High Quality Early Education for Toddlers in Families who are Economically Disadvantaged
The Jefferson Parish Ready Start Network (JRSN) aims to create a culture of high quality, comprehensive early childhood services through engagement and partnerships with families, educators and community members. The vision of JRSN is that all children birth to age five in Jefferson Parish have access to quality early childhood experiences that will prepare them to succeed. Jefferson Community Foundation, serving as the fiscal project for this program, is a convener of local changemakers which facilitates connection and collaboration and furnishes partners with the resources necessary to create acute and sustain lasting positive impacts.
Jewish Family Service Of Greater New Orleans Inc
Phone Number: (504) 831-8475
Website: jfsneworleans.org

Counseling and Case Management
Through its Counseling and Case Management Program, Jewish Family Service (JFS) helps vulnerable, often low-income people access free or affordable, quality mental health counseling and case management services to keep their lives stable and on track.

The majority of Counseling and Case Management clients are in poverty or from ALICE households, and the expense of mental health care is frequently prohibitive for many families.  JFS makes it affordable and accessible, with a sliding fee scale based on household income. JFS is also one of the few mental health providers to accept Medicaid.

Teen Life Counts (TLC)
Teen Life Counts (TLC) provides training sessions free-of-charge at Greater New Orleans area schools for students, teachers, school counselors, parents, and program volunteers, designed to help students and the adults who support them to recognize the warning signs of suicidal ideation and clinical depression in themselves and their peers, plus train a network of adults to provide immediate and effective support in times of crisis.  Participants learn what resources are available to support youth in crisis and how they can access and advocate for mental health support.

Junior Achievement of Greater New Orleans
Phone Number: 504) 569-8671
Website: jagno.org

JA Work Readiness Pathway
Junior Achievement's Work Readiness Pathway for youth builds a foundation for career readiness through sequential, grade-based programming that fosters education and career planning skills, provides opportunities for career exploration, develops essential soft skills and financial literacy, and supports the ability for students to try out career interests through internships and job shadowing. Our volunteer-based approach brings community members from industries into the classroom to ignite a spark within students while validating the key skills and knowledge needed in the workforce. The JA Pathway strengthens academic programs within K-12 education and fills unmet curriculum needs in work and career readiness.
Louisiana Appleseed Center for Law & Justice
Phone Number: (504) 561-7318
Website: louisianaappleseed.org

Heirs' Property in Louisiana
Louisiana Appleseed preserves generational wealth through estate planning strategies allowing families to retain land and home wealth and leveraging these resources toward long-term economic prosperity.

Louisiana Center for Children's Rights
Phone Number: (504) 658-6860
Website: lakidsrights.org

Children’s Defense Team: Changing the Lives of Children in New Orleans’ Juvenile Legal System
The Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights (LCCR) was founded in 2006 in response to a tragic history of neglect and abuse of young people in Louisiana’s juvenile legal system. Using direct representation and advocacy, we fight to keep children out of the legal system so that they can thrive in their homes and communities. The purpose of LCCR’s Children’s Defense Team is to provide children in New Orleans’ juvenile legal system with the interventions, supports, and services necessary to help them grow up healthy and leave the system behind for good.

Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities
Phone Number: 504.523.4352
Website: leh.org

Prime Time Reading: Family Engagement in Literacy for SELA
Prime Time Reading - a project of LEH - is a humanities-based intergenerational reading program that serves vulnerable children in the Greater New Orleans region. The program combats intergenerational illiteracy, promotes school readiness, and creates a life-long connection to, and love of, reading for children and families. In states like Louisiana where intergenerational illiteracy and high poverty rates exists, 1) schools may be the only place where children can develop a love of reading, and 2) many schools serving this population struggle to provide authentic reading experiences.
Luke's House: A Clinic for Healing and Hope
Phone Number: (504) 444-7879
Website: lukeshouseclinic.org

Salud Para Todxs: Supporting Holistic Care for our Latinx Community
The Salud Para Todxs Program provides essential primary and specialty health services in both English and Spanish. Our specialty clinics include eye exams, free prescription glasses, mental health counseling and women's health appointments. All services are free and do not require insurance or identification.
Metro Centers for Community Advocacy
Phone Number: 504.837.5400
Website: mccagno.org
Stability Today
Metro Centers for Community Advocacy (Metro), established in 1986, is a community-based, independent, non-profit 501(c)(3) social service agency serving survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking.  Metro’s mission is to break the cycle of violence and aid survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking through advocacy, intervention, empowerment and transformation.  Metro currently provides wrap-around services to survivors in eight southeast Louisiana parishes – the Greater New Orleans Metropolitan area.    All services are free and confidential.
New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity
Phone Number: (504) 861-2077
Website: habitat-nola.org

Home Repair Services Program
New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity's Home Repair Services (HRS) Program has served more than 371 low-income homeowners with much needed home repairs since its inception in 2012. We serve low-income Greater New Orleans area homeowners who cannot afford necessary home repairs or cannot complete those repairs due to age, disability, or other circumstances. The purpose of the HRS Program is to bring houses back to a livable condition, maintain the region's affordable housing, and develop community resiliency.
New Orleans Career Center
Phone Number: (504) 372-1502
Website: nolacc.org

Pathway to Nursing Program (PTNP)
New Orleans Career Center’s 3-year Pathways to Nursing Program will enroll at least 120 economically disadvantaged youth of color, ages 16-24 in Year 1. All trainees will earn at least one healthcare Industry Based Credential and complete a pre-nursing apprenticeship in 11th grade. 120 will complete registered apprenticeships to nursing with our employer partners, Ochsner and LCMC, while earning credits while enrolled in 12th grade or our LAUNCH 13th bridge year. This program includes stipends, paid college tuition at Delgado’s Charity School of Nursing, and access to a career with high wages, opportunities for advancement, and benefits.
New Orleans Family Justice Alliance Inc
Phone Number: (504) 592-4005
Website: nofjc.org

Invest In Yourself
Invest In Yourself is a program offered by the New Orleans Family Justice Alliance to victims of domestic and family violence, sexual violence, stalking and human trafficking.  Once the victim's safety and housing is stabilized and secured, Invest In Yourself provides resources that focus on securing or improving financial recovery and stability.   Invest in Yourself is an approved SNAP Employment & Training (E & T) site that helps SNAP participants in gaining skills, education, training, or work experience needed to move toward and into employment.

Trauma Recovery
Our trauma-informed team of counselors provide free individual and group therapy for survivors at all stages of healing.  Our counseling services are offered in English and Spanish. We also offer healing groups that provide a safe space for survivors to process trauma and work towards holistic mental and emotional health. Our healing services include an Art Group, Cardio + Strength Building, Dance + Belly Dance, LGBTQ Yoga, Massage, Mindful motion, NADA Ear Acupuncture, Reiki , a Singing Group and Trauma-informed Yoga.  These holistic services take place once per week. Our aim is to heal the mind, body and soul.  Trauma counseling services are provided to adult and child survivors of violence.
New Orleans Women and Children's Shelter
Phone Number: (504) 522-9340
Website: nowcs.org

Ending Homelessness for New Orleans Families
NOWCS provides for homeless families from diverse backgrounds and is one of the only shelters that accepts homeless families with male heads of household; women over the age of 18, accompanied by children of both genders under the age of 18; and pregnant women throughout all stages of their pregnancy.  

To help families successfully break cycles of poverty and homelessness, NOWCS created a home-like shelter environment where families recover and normalize.  NOWCS also created and provides a continuum of innovative programs that support families to build the capacity and skills they need to sustain independence in their own homes.  

New Orleans Youth Alliance
Phone Number: (504) 249-5130
Website: noya.org

The Reengagement Center
Grounded in racial equity and youth leadership, the New Orleans Youth Alliance (NOYA) was founded in 2017 to cultivate a system of high-quality, well-resourced youth development organizations. Our programs have since expanded to include training youth-serving professionals in trauma-informed and healing-centered pedagogy, connecting young people to education and employment opportunities, and preparing youth for impactful roles in public policy advocacy settings. In partnership with the youth whom we serve, we champion practices that align with our values.
Northlake Homeless Coalition
Phone Number: 985.326.8312
Website: northlakehomeless.org

NHC Coordinated Access and Assessment System
The Northlake Homeless Coalition (NHC) Coordinated Access and Assessment System (CAAS) is a coordinated entry system that identifies individuals and families who are homeless or at risk of homelessness; assesses their housing and service needs; and connects them to the appropriate housing intervention and services necessary for long-term stability. The purpose of CAAS is to quickly and permanently resolve housing crises as they arise.
Operation Restoration
Phone Number: (504) 684-9222
Website: or-nola.org

Operation Social Services
Operation Social Services creates an atmosphere of wrap-around support services to women across all OR departments with a person-centered approach based on the client’s immediate needs and established goals, while offering long-term case management
support. In addition to case management, Operation Social Services offers the following programs:

  • The Closet: A full range of hygiene and gently used clothing offered to women at no cost.
  • Rapid Response: Supports clients with rent, utilities, court costs, transportation costs, and other expenses that women incur when establishing stable housing and employment.
  • Employment & Training: Our Life Coaches support women seeking employment and/or educational opportunities through case management, employment readiness training, and financial coaching.
  • Operation Housing: Creates housing opportunities and connects formerly incarcerated and legal system-involved women with housing resources.
  • Operation Girls: Creates a safe space for directly impacted girls who receive mentorship, financial literacy classes, and leadership opportunities to empower them by working closely with women who had similar life experiences.

Operation Spark
Phone Number: (504) 534-8277
Website: operationspark.org

Operation Spark is the first, and only coding boot camp in Louisiana focused on preparing individuals in under-served communities for work in the tech economy. Our program equips participants to become highly-skilled software engineers eight times faster than universities, getting to family-sustaining employment in months rather than years. In addition to technical training, our Student Success and Outcomes team provides support in building essential workplace skills and assists graduates through their job hunt and into employment. With a 96% job placement rate, on average, graduates are employed within 60 days of program completion with starting salaries of $60-67,000.
Our Daily Bread Food Bank of Tangipahoa
Phone Number: (985) 542-4676
Website: ourdailybreadhammond.org

Meals that Matter
Our Daily Bread Food Bank provides emergency food and hot meals to anyone in need. Monthly food boxes are distributed to those who qualify per USDA income guidelines and reside in Tangipahoa Parish.

Plaquemines Community CARE Centers Foundation, Inc
Phone Number: (504) 393-5750
Website: pcccf.org

Behavioral Health Services in Plaquemines Parish
The Behavioral Health Services program at the Plaquemines Community CARE Centers Foundation, Inc. provides comprehensive assessments; individual, family and group counseling; and resource and referral services to individuals with behavioral health needs in Plaquemines Parish.

Substance Abuse in Plaquemines Parish
The Substance Abuse Program at the Plaquemines Community CARE Centers Foundation, Inc. provides comprehensive assessments, drug education, counseling, and resource and referral services to individuals with substance abuse issues in Plaquemines Parish.

Puentes New Orleans
Phone Number: (504) 821-7228
Website: puentesneworleans.org

Escalera and Early Escalera
Escalera, meaning ‘steps’ to success, promotes economic mobility for immigrant, Spanish speaking Latinx youth by supporting them in their education, strategic career planning and leadership development, and by providing wraparound support for them to succeed through high school graduation and into their next steps as future students and professionals. Early Escalera (for 9th and 10th graders) and Escalera (for 11th and 12th graders) operate in local high schools to support Latinx students through their entire high school career, providing guidance and support through their experiences and identities as immigrants, as English Language Learners and as first-generation students.
Safe Harbor
Phone Number: 985.626.5710 or 985.626.5740 (24hr crisis line)
Website: safeharbornorthshore.org

Safe Harbor
Safe Harbor is the federal and state recognized domestic violence program and shelter providing safe, free, and confidential services to victims and their children in St. Tammany and Washington Parishes. Safe Harbor's services are designed to provide victims with options to enhance and increase their safety. Our trained staff and volunteers work with victims and their children to help them heal from abuse.
Second Harvest Food Bank of Greater New Orleans and Acadiana
Phone Number: (504) 734-1322
Website: no-hunger.org

Fighting Hunger and Feeding Hope in Southeast Louisiana
Throughout our Southeast Louisiana community, 200,000 individuals lack consistent access to nutritious food. Food insecurity is not an isolated issue, but one that is interconnected with a wide variety of societal challenges such as financial instability, unemployment, and lack of affordable housing. Each of us likely knows a family that is just a missed paycheck, an unexpected expense, or an illness away from a financial crisis. While our core mission is providing immediate hunger relief through direct food distribution, Second Harvest is dedicated to alleviating the root causes of hunger and providing neighbors with opportunities for health, wellness, and prosperity.
Phone Number: (504) 282-0607
Website: silenceisviolence.org

Victim Allies Project
SilenceIsViolence (SIV) and our leader Tamara Jackson, is a nationally recognized expert in mitigating the trauma that follows homicide and other incidences of gun crime. SIV social workers respond directly to homicide scenes, providing emergency grief counseling and initiating the case management relationship that supports families as they navigate the criminal investigation and prosecution of their loved one's murder. SIV's experienced case managers help families navigate the complex criminal-legal process while providing mental health support, guiding families towards healing, reconciliation, and closure.
Southeast Louisiana Legal Services
Phone Number: (504) 529-1000
Website: slls.org

Jefferson Parish Housing Crisis Stabilization Project
The Jefferson Parish Housing Crisis Stabilization Project provides a legal lifeline to vulnerable families impacted by housing instability in Louisiana’s second largest parish. It closes the access to justice gap for ALICE families who cannot afford an attorney to defend against unfair evictions, to fight for healthy housing, and to mediate landlord-tenant disputes to stabilize families while strengthening communities. Three attorneys, including two bilingual in Spanish, and a social worker will work together to provide free legal assistance integrated with holistic social work resources, systemic policy advocacy to promote equitable housing solutions, community legal education, and outreach to marginalized populations.
STRIVE International Inc
Phone Number: (504) 895-2557
Website: striveincorporated.org

STRIVE New Orleans
The launch of STRIVE New Orleans will bring its signature Career Path program to residents facing multiple barriers to employment. Defined through a proprietary holistic Five-Pillar Model, STRIVE is a proven path to long-term success for adults to start and advance their careers. Predicated on the MDRC Work Advance Model, these five pillars include: job readiness workshops, occupational skills training, job placement assistance, career coaching, and lifetime support. STRIVE New Orleans’ initial sectoral path in healthcare (non-clinical) will provide an on-ramp to careers with advancement through a 12-week program and place graduates in jobs with leading regional hospitals and employers.
Tangipahoa Voluntary Council on Aging
Phone Number: (985) 748-7486
Website: TangiCOA.com

Public Transportation Service
Tangipahoa Voluntary Council on Aging Public Transportation Service will provide safe, courteous, clean, reliable and effective transportation service to all residents of Tangipahoa Parish, regardless of age, race, religion, gender or national origin.

The First 72+
Phone Number: (504) 324-8859
Website: first72plus.org

First 72+ Cooking School
The First 72+ Cooking School provides industry-informed training to formerly incarcerated people and connects them to long-term employment that provides good wages, benefits, and stability in New Orleans' culinary sector. While many formerly incarcerated people leave prison with culinary skills (gained through job assignments and accreditation programs), they have little or no experience working in a commercial kitchen or restaurant setting. Through robust partnerships with New Orleans & Company and area restaurants, The First 72+ Cooking School combines wraparound reentry support with culinary training in our new commercial kitchen at our Ben Smith Welcome Home Center.
The Good Samaritan Ministry
Phone Number: (985) 641-6421
Website: saintlukeslidell.org/goodsams

First Step in Crisis
First Step in Crisis is a crisis management program. We utilize a comprehensive intake process that uncovers a client’s needs, a verification process that promotes good fiscal management and a network of collaborative partners that allows us to require systematic change and client accountability. Comprised entirely of highly educated volunteers in donated office space, this model delivers results without overhead. It has been delivering high quality charitable aid for 30 years. The program is all-inclusive, listening to each aid case individually to match the fluid circumstances inherent in crisis and a client’s life experiences in dealing with it.

The Health and Education Alliance of Louisiana (HEAL)
Phone Number: (504) 570-6952
Website: healschools.org

Coordinated Care for the Whole Child
The Coordinated Care for the Whole Child Program works directly with schools to address physical health, mental health and social barriers that prevent children from succeeding in school and realizing their fullest potential.  HEAL increases healthcare access and services for students within school infrastructure and ensures schools receive federal Medicaid reimbursement to sustain their school-based health program. HEAL provides financial and programmatic infrastructure to schools to ensure students receive health services where they are every day, at school, and schools receive sustainable healthcare reimbursement to support salary expenses of healthcare providers they employ.

Thrive New Orleans
Phone Number: (504) 564-7739
Website: thrivenola.org

Thrive 9th Ward
The Thrive 9th Ward Community Center is an essential hub for youth development and community engagement in the Desire neighborhood community. Run by directors who grew up in the surrounding blocks, the center is an incubator for youth and families to reach their full potential and become the next generation of leaders. At Thrive 9th Ward, community members can access: our computer lab; educational workshops; legal re-entry services; professional skills development through our workforce programs; and youth programming (i.e., after-school tutoring, mentoring with community leaders, sports training, leadership development, extracurricular activities, and an annual summer camp).
Phone Number: (504) 240.8379
Website: mytraininggrounds.org

TrainingGrounds’ We PLAY Center is a free play space for children, birth through age four, and their caregivers from across the Greater New Orleans area. At the We PLAY Center, parent educators use evidence-based approaches to support parents and caregivers in learning how to provide the developmental supports for their children to succeed. It focuses on the 20,000+ low-income families with young children in the region who do not have access to high-quality early care and education, serving families from every zip code in Orleans Parish as well as Jefferson, St. Tammany and St. Bernard Parishes.

Travelers Aid Society of Greater New Orleans
Phone Number: (504) 658-2944
Website: travelersaidsocietyneworleans.org

Crisis Intervention Counseling
Crisis Intervention Counseling offers immediate emergency assistance and crisis counseling on a walk- in basis. The program provides extensive case management services, focused on long-term needs for transitional or permanent housing, food stamps, Medicaid/Medicare, employment, rental assistance, and additional resources that promote stability and independence.

Permanent Supportive Housing
Permanent Supportive Housing provides stable, subsidized housing for qualifying individuals. Operating on a Housing First, the program helps support, long-term self-reliance and stability with intensive case management, counseling, substance abuse treatment, and job training to offer a long- term comprehensive solution to the problem of homelessness.

Urban League of Louisiana
Phone Number: (504) 620-2332
Website: urbanleaguela.org

Clarence Barney Head Start
The Urban League Clarence L. Barney Head Start Center is a child and family development program offering high-quality early learning services to children from birth to four years old, including children with verified disabilities. Urban League Head Start Center provides individualized learning experiences to promote children’s readiness for school, as well as planned and spontaneous instruction to help children grow in language and literacy, early math and science concepts, and social and emotional development. Children receive health and development screenings, nutritious meals, oral health and mental health support. Parents and families are guided and supported in achieving family self-sufficiency goals.

Urban League of Louisiana Project Ready
Urban League Project Ready provides students with academic, life skills and career readiness support to prepare them for high school graduation and post-secondary success. Students have the opportunity to pursue career technical education tracks such as welding and electrical construction.  At both sites, students can access college application and eligibility support, career exposure and advising, academic tutoring, ACT prep, gender-based mentoring, college tours, “Behind the Business” tours, STEM enrichment, dual enrollment, technology pre-apprenticeship training and community service opportunities.
Volunteers of America Southeast Louisiana (VOASELA)
Phone Number: (504) 482-2130
Website: voasela.org

Mentoring Children of Promise (MCP)
Volunteers of America Southeast Louisiana (VOASELA) operates MCP to support children who have a parent missing from the household due to incarceration or other reasons.  MCP uses mentoring to assist children in building self-esteem, setting goals, developing positive relationships with adults, and avoiding risky behaviors while also providing additional adult support to the family.  MCP serves approximately 150 children in the greater New Orleans area each year
YMCA of Greater New Orleans
Phone Number: (504) 568-9622
Website: ymcaneworleans.org

Plaquemines Partnership YMCAs
The Plaquemines Partnership YMCAs are centers of community in the parish – gathering spaces where residents can engage in fellowship with their neighbors, celebrate holidays, and find aid during times of disaster; education centers offering quality afterschool programs, child watch, summer camp, and teen employment opportunities; fitness and wellness facilities offering group exercise classes, water safety and swim instruction, youth sports, and classes designed to keep seniors’ minds and bodies active; and referral hubs to connect members to other urgent needs. Subsidized rates ensure that everyone has access to Y programs.

YMCA Educational Services
Since 1977, the YMCA of Greater New Orleans has provided free, adult literacy programming in response to the chronically high rates of illiteracy in our community. YMCA Educational Services (YES) continues to benefit those with the lowest levels of literacy, while also developing accessible programs and individual plans for adults of all ages and abilities, so that they can develop the skills they need to advance in the workforce, support their families, and engage more fully as community members, citizens, and lifelong learners.

Youth Service Bureau of St. Tammany
Phone Number: 985-893-2570
Website: ysbworks.com

The Youth Service Bureau Options program is the only Level 1 outpatient comprehensive adolescent substance abuse assessment and treatment and mental health program operating in St. Tammany Parish in two locations: Slidell and Covington.  The school board, court system and parent referrals make up the majority of client and family referrals to the Options Program.  The program provides adolescents and their families an in-depth mental health, and alcohol and drug assessment with follow up comprehensive treatment including individual, family, and group counseling, anger management, STEP Parenting Program, psychoeducational programs, drug screenings, and Teen to Teen Mentoring.
YouthForce NOLA
Phone Number: (504) 389-5901
Website: youthforcenola.org

YouthForce NOLA’s YouthForce Internships (YFI)
YouthForce NOLA’s YouthForce Internships (YFI) program provides meaningful work experience to help prepare low-income New Orleans public high school students of color for high-demand career pathways with a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) careers, improving participants’ ability to graduate from high school on time and be successful in post-secondary and/or employment opportunities.



*All funding invested in the above agencies is contingent upon the availability of funds raised in a given campaign year and an agency’s performance and compliance with UWSELA’s reporting requirements.