CAGNO Brings Wellness-Focused Cancer Survivorship Programs to Washington Parish

At some point in life, nearly everyone will be touched by a cancer diagnosis - be it personal or of someone you love. 

In Louisiana, the chances are even higher. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in our state, and cancer incidents and mortality rates among men and women are worse than the national average for all cancers combined.

These statistics are why organizations like the Cancer Association of Greater New Orleans are crucial to the health of our communities.

“Our main mission is to try to remove barriers to treatment,” said CAGNO Executive Director Tammy Swindle during an interview this month on LIVE UNITED Radio. “Lots of research out there about treatment – screenings are great, research is great, but if you don’t have the funds while you’re in treatment, your ability to survive cancer dramatically decreases the more number of weeks or treatment days you miss.”

CAGNO is doing everything they can to ensure cancer patients with limited incomes can access treatment. We know the need is great – almost 1 in 2 households in Southeast Louisiana live in poverty or are struggling to make ends meet.

In 2018, CAGNO helped 783 cancer patients (the most in the organization’s history) across 23 parishes with over 1,500 prescriptions, 550 household living expenses like food or utilities, and 800 gasoline cards. 

And, CAGNO is expanding their impact even further. 

The nonprofit recently received one of five grants from the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors to research cancer survivorship in Washington Parish. With these funds, CAGNO is running two “Wellness in Washington” cancer survivor support groups with programming focused on wellness through nutrition, physical activity, and stress-reduction. The grant also allowed CAGNO to start survivorship gardens growing fruit and vegetables in three spots throughout the parish.

We’re proud to fund organizations like CAGNO whose services can be the difference between life or death for cancer patients who are struggling financially. 

United, we can create a better, stronger community for all.