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Formally known as the Cancer Association of Greater New Orleans (CAGNO), the Cancer Association of Louisiana (CALA) supports local cancer patients by funding necessities crucial to their healing and improving their quality of life. Our mission is to assist local cancer patients and their families by providing support that will enable them to continue their treatment.


$5,000 will provide food and transportation to treatment for 150 cancer patients in treatment.


About Us

As an organization that has worked with cancer patients since 1958, we know that not all patients can meet the expense of treatment. When we work to improve the health and safety of our cancer patients in treatment, we impact many of the social determinants of health. There is no single strategy, as every case is different for some patients on a fixed budget due to retirement, disability, or unemployment the answers are more complex than just providing medications. Patients may need food or transportation, housing may be an issue, or they may be in jeopardy of having utilities cut off for nonpayment. All cancer patients should have the opportunity to become educated about their cancer diagnosis and feel empowered to be active in their care.


What Your Dollars Do

$30 - provides a case of nutrition delivered, a voucher to the farmers market, food items from Topbox or 4 frozen healthy meals delivered to our cancer patients.

$50 - provides a month’s supply of incontinent supplies (such as adult diapers or bed pads)


Success Story

imageWe are really excited about working with the Farmers Markets in our service areas. We also began working with Top Box food delivery to supply our food insecure cancer patients with needed fruits, vegetables and proteins. Our partnership with Berry Town Produce in Tangipahoa allows Cancer patients to redeem food vouchers. Last year we were able to expand to the German Coast and Red Stick Farmers Market. Most recently we are working to introduce a frozen food program to our overall food insecurity program. This has been an invaluable tool for our cancer patients and look forward to the expansion of this program. I am so excited!