Face of Change: Hunter Hill

Face of Change: Hunter Hill

Together, with 800 corporate partners, 3,400 volunteers, and more than 20,000 donors, United Way of Southeast Louisiana is fighting for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in every community. The Face of Change series highlights individuals within this mosaic of impact, their unique contributions to our community, and motivations for supporting United Way. This month, meet Hunter Hill, IBERIABANK New Orleans Market President and UWSELA 2019-20 Campaign Chair.

1. What is your role with United Way? What do you do in this role? 

This year, I’m excited to be the Campaign Chairman. I’m only a few months in, but my role is to help fundraise, connect with new and existing donors, and spread awareness about all of the impact that United Way has in our community.  

2. How long have you been involved with United Way?

In New Orleans, a few years, and when I lived in Birmingham, I was heavily involved there too. And on a corporate level, IBERIABANK has been involved with United Way all of my years working here. 

3. What motivates you to give/advocate/or volunteer?

It simply is the right thing to do… To make our community a stronger place to live, work, and play. 

4. What is one thing about United Way that you think people should know?

Your dollar goes further by giving to the United Way. Every $1 donated = $4.37 in community impact. 

5. What’s your favorite karaoke song?

Well… I don’t think I’ve ever actually sang karaoke publically, but if I did it would definitely be an old country song – maybe something from the band Alabama.

6. What’s the #1 thing on your bucket list?

To take my family on a trip to Europe.  My daughters really want to visit Paris to see where Madeline is from.