Fish Fry Fridays for Participants

logoWelcome to Fish Fry Fridays!

As most New Orleanians know, Lent means Friday fish fries. While the pandemic has forced many churches across the area to alter or cancel this beloved tradition, local restaurants will keep it alive this year with Fish Fry Fridays. The Fish Fry Fridays campaign will serve as a fundraising event to benefit Hospitality Cares, a partnership between Louisiana Hospitality Foundation and United Way of Southeast Louisiana (UWSELA). 

The Hospitality Cares program provides resources for New Orleans metro area hospitality industry employees. 



Every Friday during Lent (March 4 – April 15, 2022) = seven Fridays



SIGN UP ONLINE before Friday, February 18, 2022 to be included in the campaign website and media outreach. Need more info? Contact



Restaurants participate in a regional marketing campaign and fundraiser called Fish Fry Fridays that benefits Hospitality Cares. Consumers are invited to order featured Lenten seafood dishes to support local restaurants and the Hospitality Cares program.



Each participating restaurant selects a Lenten special/feature and donates $1 per dish sold each Friday.

  • Each Lenten featured dish includes at least one seafood protein and a side item. (Ex: Grilled shrimp with potato salad.)
  • Protein can include any seafood item, not exclusive to just fish.
  • Lagniappe fundraising offers are also welcomed such as beer or dessert add-ons.
  • Restaurants will participate each Friday during Lent (7 weeks.)
  • Restaurants can either use the same menu item throughout the campaign or update their Fish Fry Friday weekly special with dish & pricing details to be confirmed and submitted to us no later than COB each Tuesday.
  • Donations for dishes sold during the campaign will be submitted to United Way of Southeast Louisiana via check or online contribution no later than April 29, 2021.


There is no cost to participate, just a pledge to send your donation to United Way of Southeast Louisiana in support of the Hospitality Cares campaign on or before Friday, March 18, 2022.


Hospitality Cares is a partnership between Louisiana Hospitality Foundation and United Way of Southeast Louisiana, that provides emergency financial assistance and other resources to hospitality workers in need. The program provides crisis grants to workers when they have an unexpected emergency like David who was victim of a house fire:

“I have been working in the hospitality industry for over 4 years as a cook, dishwasher, server and food runner. I experienced a tragic accident when my apartment burned down. I was approved for a crisis grant that would later pay the deposit so I could move into a new apartment which took a burden off my shoulders. I am thankful for this help!”

The “Fish Fry Fridays” campaign initially launched during Lent 2020 and has since raised over $25,000 from restaurant donations and sponsorships.


  • New Orleans Fish House is offering any participating restaurant 10% off their order for the featured protein. Contact Phil DeGruy at 504-621-3739 or
  • TABASCO® is a campaign sponsor. They have mini bottles and sauce packets available for participating restaurants. They will also provide a complimentary family meal to the top 10 participants that raise the most funds for Hospitality Cares.
  • Liz Bodet is a local publicist that specializes in assisting hospitality businesses, and her team is handling the campaign media relations. They will push Fish Fry Fridays to all regional TV, radio, newspapers, digital media and other promotional entities and opportunities.


Restaurants will be promoted on the official “Fish Fry Fridays” website with the following information:

  • Restaurant name & logo
  • Promotional offer (dish name, description, price)
  • How to buy (dine in, take out, phone or online orders, contact info, etc.)

Each week, participating restaurants will be included in the following marketing:

  • Press release for this Friday’s participants and their offers
  • Website inclusion
  • Email newsletter(s)
  • Social media posts on multiple channels (LHF, United Way, other channels/supporters/sponsors)


Liz Bodet
EFG & Associates

Jennifer Kelley
Louisiana Hospitality Foundation

Michelle Dunnick
United Way of Southeast Louisiana