Game-Changer Spotlight: Madhu Kohli

Game-Changer Spotlight: Madhu Kohli

We are more than the fundraisers. We are the hand-raisers. The game-changers. The-stop-talking-start-doing-band-together-and-take-on-the-impossible-task-masters.

The United Way of Southeast Louisiana Game-Changer Spotlight profiles an outstanding donor, advocate, or volunteer who fights tirelessly with us to eradicate poverty and create a better, brighter Southeast Louisiana for all. For May, meet long-time Women United member, Madhu Kohli.

What is your role with United Way? What do you do in this role?

I am on the Women United Executive Committee as a Chairperson of the Event and Membership Committee. My role is to build a stronger and more dedicated Women United membership through networking, service events, and advocacy for public policy changes that lift up women and children. Increased membership translates to more dollars for the programs Women United champions.

How long have you been involved with United Way?

As far back as I can remember! While working for Shell, the organization encouraged the staff to participate in the Workplace Giving Campaign through matching dollars, and also encouraged visits to United Way agencies to better appreciate their needs. For the last four years (post-retirement), as a member of Women United, my passion and focus have been on women and children’s issues that are critical to addressing poverty in Southeast Louisiana.

What motivates you to give/advocate/or volunteer?

My parents instilled in me a strong sense of sharing our blessings and being compassionate to all, especially those in need. This has stayed with me over the years, especially living in the community we live in, where poverty is more the norm rather that an exception.

Almost 50% of the households struggle to pay for their basic needs of food, shelter, and childcare with a full-time job. The vulnerability of this population and tackling issues that can change their lives is championed in United Way’s Blueprint for Prosperity, and it gives me hope that, through our collective efforts, we will succeed in our mission to eradicate poverty in Southeast Louisiana.

What is one thing about United Way that you think people should know?

Having worked in a corporate environment where accountability is key, I want people to know that United Way is laser focused to deliver on their mission statement of eradicating poverty in Southeast Louisiana. The staff is selfless, dedicated, and constantly reaches out to find resources and build alliances so they can deliver on their promise.

What’s your favorite karaoke song?

Five Hundred Miles – Peter, Paul and Mary version.

What’s the #1 thing on your bucket list?

To win the Powerball – We can make all this happen.