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The Good Samaritan Ministry 
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We provide emergency assistance to families and the homeless in East St. Tammany parish.

Our aid stabilizes a family and our referrals help build lasting change. Every dollar you give goes to helping a family as we have been an all-volunteer organization in donated office space for 30 years.


About Us

photoWe are a 30-year-old ministry, all-volunteer, operating in donated office space. 100% of your donation will go to helping a family - not salaries, not overhead. We help over 4500 people annually, from food and diapers, to pro-bono dental and legal aid, to assistance with rent and utilities, and so much more. We truly try and help with any legitimate, verifiable need. We help once a year with a major bill. And we are very well networked with agencies who can help with underlying needs.


What Your Dollars Do

$250 - An average rent, shelter sponsorship, or utility assistance

$50 - ID re-establishment

$40 - food basket for a family of 4


Success Story

Our helping homebound program fielded a request from an 86-year-old widow, to have someone assemble a brass bed for her. Not to sleep in, but to display the doll collection her mother had passed on to her. Our homebound volunteers went out and did just that. While there, they discovered she needed considerable dental work, but could not afford the dentures, much less the prep work required for dentures by an oral surgeon. We reached out, for the first time, to our local oral surgeon, who agreed to do the work pro-bono valued at $9,700. Once she healed from the surgery, our local dentist, who has been doing work for us for a decade, provided the dentures worth $ 3,600 for a $1,000 payment from our dental grant for restorative work. This story shows how being open to all requests for help, seeing them as an opportunity to uncover deeper needs, can provide uplifting results to those who don't often have a ray of sunshine in their lives. This is priceless.


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