How to Include Retirees

Boost your fundraising results and re-new contacts with people who are committed to your organization by involving retirees in your campaign. Conducting a retiree campaign will also help increase their knowledge about the United Way programs available for older people.


Involve a retiree representative in the planning and solicitation.

Decide if solicitations will be a direct mail letter, invitations to a Campaign Kickoff or a special event just for retirees.

Consults with your organization's human resources and payroll department to let them know what you plan.

Offer automatic deduction from the retiree’s pension check or automatic pledges payment plan, which is a direct deduction from their bank account.

Give retirees the opportunity to give to the United Way for the Greater New Orleans Area or to designate to a United Way in their retirement community.

Report results on your campaign report. Retiree gifts should be included with total employee gifts.

Personalize all correspondence. Provide a pre-paid return envelope.

Give retirees the opportunity to go on United Way agency tours.

Print stories about how older people are helped by United Way agencies in the retiree newsletter.

Give retirees the opportunity to learn about United Way bequests, retirement accounts, estate planning, charitable planning, legacy gifts and other planned methods of giving.

Don't forget to say "Thank you"!


For more information about how to include retirees, contact MaryAnn Bazile at or 504-827-6820.

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