Pearly and Lissa

A lack of access to quality, affordable child care forces parents to miss work opportunities and prevents children from receiving important early learning experiences. “I get those phone calls with parents who just need their children to go somewhere so they can work,” shared Royal Castle Administrative Assistant Pearlissa. 

For over 25 years, Royal Castle Child Development has provided high-quality early childhood education to local families. COVID-19 posed a catastrophic threat to many local child care centers like Royal Castle, who operated on razor-thin margins before forced closures, reduced enrollment, and additional staff and cleaning costs. 

Funding and support from United Way SELA’s United for Early Care and Education program helped Royal Castle weather the pandemic and reopen as soon as possible to continue supporting young learners and families. 

Health, education, and financial stability are the cornerstones of a good life. That’s why United Way of Southeast Louisiana is committed to helping all our neighbors by providing programs and services dedicated to increasing access and support in these areas. Together, United, we can create opportunities for everyone to thrive. 

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