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Quick and Easy Ways to Stay Active

Keep active while you keep your distance.
You’re doing you part and staying home to fight the spread of the coronavirus, but stress and worry are starting to take a toll on your well-being. We feel you!
Keeping active is one way to boost your mood. According to the Mayo Clinic, regular exercise can help ease depression and anxiety by releasing feel-good endorphins and taking your mind off worries to escape the cycle of negative thoughts.
Good news: Staying active and keeping a healthy lifestyle right now doesn’t need to be difficult.
It all starts with a simple shake-up. Start small by changing one habit in your daily routine. It’s easier than you might think!
We all know the old standards for getting active, so here are a few creative ideas to get you going:
  • Do a simple exercise during commercial breaks or every time your favorite streaming service asks if you’re still watching (Of course we are!)
  • Subscribe to a new podcast and listen while you walk 
  • Race against the clock with your kids to see who can fold and put away laundry the fastest (We know it’s a trick, but it never hurts to try.)
  • Go out for a jog and mix up your playlist with your favorite soundtrack or show tunes
  • Have an at-home dance party when you need a mood boost (Here’s looking at you, Melody Reed.)
There are so many benefits and so many approaches to staying active. Find the right one for you and commit to doing it once a day for three weeks. Before you realize it, you’ll start a healthy habit that’s hard to kick – that is, if you’re legs aren’t too tired. 
Of course, don’t forget to practice good social distancing too. 
Together we can stay active and healthy as a community. Together we are United for a healthier you.