Roadmap to Success Executive Summary

Roadmap to Success Executive Summary

Ensuring children in small childcare settings are safe and read for kindergarten.

Entrusting children to someone else’s care is one of the most difficult things a parent can do.

Yet economic realities demand that most parentsof young children rely on child care so that they can work.

More than half of children under five years of age in the United States are in some type of regular child care arrangement.

In many states, paid child care is well-regulated.State standards protect and prepare children for healthy lifestyles and school success, and elevate the professionalism and sustainability of child care providers. In Louisiana, however, the most common child care businesses – small childcare businesses serving six or fewer children unrelated to the provider – are not required to be licensed or even registered.

These businesses do not need to register with fire and health officials, undergo inspections, have criminal background checks, or meet any other safety or quality standards. In contrast, ordinary businesses such as beauty salons and florist shopsmust be licensed.

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