United Way selected as a beneficiary of 24H COVID-19 Relief Fund, Livestream Specials

In response to the devastating COVID-19 outbreak, 24H and its partners launched the 24H COVID-19 Relief Fund to support the community of entertainment industry gig professionals at risk and displaced by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Starting Friday, May 22, 24H will kick off Beyond the Stage, a powerful series of livestreaming events, which aims to raise $3 - $5 million for the 24H COVID 19 Relief Fund, a portion of which will benefit United Way of Southeast Louisiana. 

The ultimate livestream will feature all-star performances and appearances from celebrities, comedians, actors, artists, athletes, film producers, directors, influencers, and BTS entertainment independent contractors all coming together for an opportunity to shine a light on the need to support entertainment gig workers through the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Show will run on all FACEBOOK & IG social media Platforms, YouTube | 24H | 

Viewing Options: Youtube Direct Link | View Live Stream From 24hWebsite

In documenting the struggle of these rarely-recognized professionals, Variety reported, "It’s the greatest economic calamity to ever hit Hollywood, Broadway and other entertainment business hubs, dwarfing the wreckage left by such recent catastrophes as 9/11 and the Great Recession. And it’s being felt most acutely by production designers, camera operators, makeup artists, grips, stagehands, ticket takers, casting directors and character actors, whose names may not adorn...marquees but whose work forms the backbone of the business."

The two hour tribute specials of “Beyond The Stage” Virtual streaming events, will run for the following consecutive weekends: May 22nd — 24th | May 29th — 31st | And June 5th — 7th at 6pm PST | 9pm EST 

The public can contribute to the 24H COVID-19 Relief Fund at 24hww.givingfuel.com/24h-covid-19-relief-fund or text 24H to 24356.

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