Williamson’s Notes


Williamson’s Notes: #56 in our Program and #1 in our Hearts*  

Last Friday night, our distinguished Tocqueville Society members and guests joined together to honor a man who is no stranger to our city, Demario Davis. We know him as the two-time All-Pro linebacker for the New Orleans Saints, and we also know him as a man of God. 

I have been blessed to work with many thoughtful and caring individuals over my 30-plus years in the nonprofit community, but none have been more thoughtful and caring at such a young age than Demario. Honestly, I am not sure how he does it all. Is it possible to give 100% of yourself to God, your family, your community, and the sport you love?  

If anyone can do it, it’s Demario – with the support of his loving wife, Tamela, of course. 

United Way of Southeast Louisiana and United Ways throughout the country have been blessed by his commitment to our mission and vision, and he continues to connect with us because of the magnitude of our reach and extensive impact research and data. For that, we could not be more thankful.
He describes himself as a glory reflector, not a glory collector, and I can tell you, the light shining from him is bright. Take a listen to his intimate conversation with Dr. Takeisha C. Davis – UWSELA Board of Trustees Chairwoman – to hear more about what’s made him the remarkable individual he is today. 


fireside chat

The truth is Demario is the last to share his broad-reaching impact on countless communities. He jumped in himself and spurred others to action to help address major issues like the water crisis in Flint, juvenile justice issues in Louisiana, immigrant families at the border, and much more. 

Demario noted on Friday, “You can’t have stronger communities without stronger individuals, and you can’t have stronger individuals without stronger communities. 

Today we know Southeast Louisiana is stronger thanks to his willingness to support United Way and our partners’ efforts to build a more equitable community for all. 

Thank you, Demario, for your kindness, love, and support. 

Living United,


P.S. Thank you to Entergy Corporation, the New Orleans Saints, and all our generous sponsors and auction donors for a spectacular evening. See the full gallery of photos here


*An excerpt from Tocqueville Society member Bob Kimbro’s award introduction