Williamson's Notes: Change Someone's Tomorrow Today


Give Today to United Way of Southeast Louisiana and Make a Difference

Back in November in the middle of the pandemic, Ms. Milton* felt compelled to donate to United Way of Southeast Louisiana even though she was out of work from her hospitality job. She noted, "I can give another $10 next month – sorry, not working." 

Individuals like Ms. Milton, gifted with genuine compassion for their neighbors even in their own difficult times, astound me. I've always said United Way sits at the intersection of need and desire to give. And it's my belief in that concept that allowed me to remain optimistic over the last 12 months. 

Many of our neighbors face challenges with their health, education, and financial stability that are holding them back from success. They need support and resources so they can start to recover and then rebuild their lives. 

But United Way was there when they needed it most because of supporters like you. Thanks to you, in the past year:

•    More homebound individuals stayed healthy through volunteer meal deliveries, 
•    More students thrived in virtual school because of technology and equipment donations,
•    More households covered basic needs with crisis grant assistance, 
•    And so much more.

Still, we have countless challenges to face as we work to build equitable post-COVID communities with health, education, and financial stability for all. 

As we near the close of our 2020-2021 Annual Campaign on March 31, we're still fighting to meet our ambitious fundraising goal so we can help as many people and partners as possible in the months ahead.

There were so many unknowns when we began our annual fundraising campaign in April of last year. But we were confident the need in our community would be greater than ever, as would be our efforts to raise funds to address those needs. While we've seen our share of setbacks, Marcus Brown, our campaign chair; his cabinet of volunteers; and our staff pushed through. We've seen countless examples of generosity to show for their determination, but we still need your help more than ever. 

For every Southeast Louisiana family in need right now, I know there's another with the capacity and desire to give, just like Ms. Milton. United Way is here to help you make a meaningful difference in others' lives. 

When you donate to United Way, you help everyone in Southeast Louisiana rebuild their lives, get an equitable opportunity to thrive, and achieve a secure and stable future. 

Remember, what we do together today will determine how we Live United tomorrow. Together, we can give today to help create better tomorrows for our neighbors in need.

*Name changed to protect privacy 



Michael Williamson

President and CEO 

United Way of Southeast Louisiana