Williamson's Notes: Remembering Katrina


When I shared my thoughts one year ago today, I also shared our compassion and concern for those affected by Hurricane Harvey.  Subsequently, we were called to pray for all of Puerto Rico when Hurricane Maria wrecked the entire island.  Today, these communities are still hard at work to recover and will continue to benefit from our prayers and support.

Thirteen years ago, Hurricane Katrina served to awaken the resilience of our region and the compassion of our entire world.  Humbled, we began to recover and rebuild.  

While much progress has been made, so much is left to be done.  For some, this may be a disappointment.  But, for me, it is a challenge.  Moreover, it is a challenge that our entire board and staff are prepared to rise to meet.  You see, we believe that ALL PEOPLE deserve equitable access to economic opportunity and should be educated, healthy and economically stable. Our “how to” is laid out in our Blueprint for Prosperity.

Furthermore, we fully understand an individual’s ability to weather a crisis, large or small, requires that they are physically, emotionally, and economically stable. That is what we are working to do. With the help of many, this work will grow lighter, families will be stronger and better prepared to weather crises ahead.

So, as we commemorate the 13th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, let’s reflect and dedicate ourselves to a cause that seeks to ensure that ALL PEOPLE enjoy prosperity.


  Michael Williamson
  President and CEO
  United Way of Southeast Louisiana