Williamson’s Notes: Still on the Move

In the wake of Ida’s devastation, our United Way of Southeast Louisiana team laced up their shoes, donned their best LIVE UNITED shirts (or perhaps cleanest), and provided critical boots-on-the-ground relief to many of the hardest-hit areas we serve. As quickly as we received monetary and supply donations, we’ve worked at the speed of need to move them back out into the communities to aid struggling families and nonprofit partners. 

The job has been far from glamorous, but I’m proud of the blue-collar work ethic produced by our team. We’ve banded together over 18-hour days, sunburns and downpours, forklift lessons, truck loading, impromptu Lowe’s naps, and countless hugs and high-fives. Some have lost everything and still jumped in to serve our communities – no matter what. 

Donors can rest assured that every gift to United Way has supported the literal blood, sweat, and tears we’re pouring into our efforts to help our beloved communities and sister United Ways recover.

There hasn’t been much time for photo ops or handshakes, I’ve honestly neglected the duties myself, but I’ve been grateful to join the team in the field, learn from their expertise, and spend time together serving our families and communities who need it most. 

Today, we’re still on the move, meeting people where they are to offer continued support and hope for a better tomorrow. Our days are still tiring, wonderful, exciting, inspiring, and humbling, and there’s no end in sight. United Way is committed to seeing this recovery process through until the end. Some households still need our relief assistance, while others are ready to rebuild. Either way, United Way is always there before, during, and after the storm. 

Remember, we have one life to live. To live better, we must LIVE UNITED. 


Michael Williamson

Michael Williamson
President and CEO 
United Way of Southeast Louisiana