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Leading the Charge. Inspiring the Change.

In 2002 a group of 50 dedicated women formed the Women’s Leadership Council of United Way of Southeast Louisiana. Now, fifteen years later, we are restructuring the group to increase our potential for impact and the diversity of our membership. Our mission, to support the unique health and human service needs of women and children in Southeast Louisiana, remains the same. 
When you give to Women United, you help transform lives and receive the following benefits:

  • Networking opportunities with inspirational and accomplished women at exclusive events throughout the year
  • Roundtable discussions with community leaders
  • Advocate for women and children's needs through public policy
  • Voting rights during the allocations process

Women United: $250 to $999 designated to Women United

Women's Leadership Council (WLC): $1,000 to $9,999 designated to Women United

Women of Tocqueville: $10,000+ to United Way, minimum of $1,000 to Women United

Join us!

Please note: all members are eligible to serve on the Women United Executive Committee.

Please contact Michelle Clarke Payne via email if you have questions about our online donor page.