Basic Needs

Williamson’s Notes: 4 Reasons You Should Use 211


211 Is Here to Help Every Person In Our Community

In a crisis, in a disaster, in a pandemic, 211 is here to help every person in our community. From finding food and help paying for housing and bills to connecting to other essential services, 211 is there.

 Every 211 is part of a national network, United to help as many people as possible. Here at home, United Way of Southeast Louisiana is proud partner with VIA LINK to bring 211 to our neighbors in need. 

Black History and Black Futures


While celebrating Black history, we also work to create a more equitable future.

Black History Month is a time to celebrate influential leaders and impactful moments of the past. But celebrating Black history is not enough. 

United Way of Southeast Louisiana continues to work toward a future where Black community members have the same access to employment, education, health care, and housing as their white neighbors. 

20 Wins for 2020


20 Ways YOU and United Way Started Building a Better Tomorrow

At the beginning of the year, none of us were prepared for what we would confront. No one knew how long this crisis would last. No one knew how many in our community would need our help. 

6 Volunteer Ideas to Help End Hunger


Learn Ways You Can Support Local Families Experiencing Hunger

When a family experiences hunger, it means much more than missing one meal. It means not knowing when their next meal will be — or having to decide between paying the electric bill or skipping dinners so their kids can eat. The stress of hunger impacts a person’s ability to learn and succeed, both on the job and in the classroom.