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Blueprint for Prosperity Collaborative Grants


United Way of Southeast Louisiana (UWSELA) has a bold vision for eradicating poverty in SELA. Grant-making supports the vision of “equitable communities where all individuals are healthy, educated and economically stable.” This means both a sharpened focus on poverty through supporting the critical programs that form the bedrock of serving our population, and a systems change approach centered on collaboration. Our grant-making is rooted in addressing the complex interplay of symptoms and drivers of poverty in the region. United Way of Southeast Louisiana offers two Blueprint for Prosperity grant processes:

  1. Programmatic Grants - CLOSED.
  2. Collaborative Grants - OPEN

Deadline to apply is December 16. Collaboratives will be notified of decision in June 2020. 

Couldn't attend one of the training sessions? 

Click here to download the Collaborative Grant presentation to learn more about the collaborative grants process.



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Please contact Tap Bui at or 504-827-6827 if you have any questions.